Interview with dignitas NA LCS analyst Joyluck



Fri 7th Aug 2015 - 8:42pm

Behind every great LCS team is a sharp-eyed analyst. Someone who takes a look at the team and their opponents from a removed perspective to find both strengths and weaknesses. Normally the analyst for our NA LCS squad works with the players from Japan via Skype, but with playoffs right around the corner Yun "JoyLuck" Deok Jin has flown out to make sure the team is as prepared as possible.

Hello JoyLuck! For those that aren’t familiar with you, could you give us some of your history in competitive League of Legends?

JoyLuck: My name is Yun Deok Jin, I was born 85.01.01 and I originally started as a Warcraft 3 commentator and player for over eight years. Then I joined NiceGameTV in 2014 but moved on to be a commentator for the LCS (NA and EU) in Korea. I made many educational videos for solo queue and champion education and competitive game analysis. During the spring of 2015 I became a coach for the LSPL team Stand Point Gaming and then during the summer for the LJL team IMT 7th Heaven. At the moment I'm an analyst for both Team Dignitas and Fnatic.

How long have you been with Team Dignitas and what you do with the League team?

JoyLuck: After worlds I had many offers to coach, so I decided to go to worlds. I had met Fnatic at worlds and Susie Kim introduced me to Team Dignitas in the offseason. I'm friends with very talented players (some famous, some not so much) and sent some over like Huni and ReignOver to Fnatic, Gamsu and CoreJJ to Team Dignitas and Gimson and Amel to Energy Pacemaker.A in the LSPL.

I take care of three teams right now, 7th Heaven, Team Dignitas and Fnatic. Fnatic had their bases covered so I needed to take care of Team Dignitas more closely. When I was in Japan I got up at 4 a.m. to watch their games so I came to the U.S. to more directly help.

How do you analyze the team? Is there an emphasis on macro versus micro?

JoyLuck: Team Dignitas' players have a nice micro game. Western audiences didn't know and Huni thought Gamsu was stronger than him and CoreJJ's Korean solo queue was ranked fifth. However, during the spring Team Dignitas' macro was so bad because of some accident so we called in Helios to help fill a leadership position. If I had to score their macro and micro I'd say: Macro - 4 and Micro - 7.5. Now we're focusing on 'Ways of Win.'

Ways of Win?

JoyLuck: Their strategies, how they think and their teamwork. It's a really big thing and can be complicated, but that's what it is simply put.

Normally you watch the team’s games and communicate via Skype when they break it down afterwards, but now you’re in the house with the team. What kind of effect does being there in person have and what you can do with it?

JoyLuck: Yeah that's right. Watching a game only through a screen and being together in the same place are very different. Being together can improve their concentration and teamwork and on top of that I can get a sense for how they're feeling more easily while they can feel more stability with me. When I sent my players to the three different teams I thought they knew 'JoyLuck's thoughts and way.' As you know Fnatic is top of the EU LCS and EPA has won the LSPL but Team Dignitas was in some danger, so I came here to directly help out.

The other day you mentioned that you like to use Spartan training. What did you mean by that?

JoyLuck: For example, Huni has played and talked with me often, but his mental was so bad. I scolded him and had many discussions with him, some logical and some emotional. I think that skill is basic but mental is the most important thing in every sport. So I told them to fight and discuss together, but not to let arguments build up inside, and it will make them stronger players.


Is the Spartan mentality because playoffs is right around the corner or do you apply that mindset to the regular season as well?

JoyLuck: If someone wants to be the best in their field they need this mindset. Work hard and enjoy reaching for the dream, so this mindset is indeed for the regular season. Of course playoffs call for more concentration, but before playoffs I told the players of my own dream and my life with them. I would sleep from 24:00 ~ 04:00 in Japan to keep up with their schedule while working with multiple teams and another work.

What do you think the team does well, or lacks?

JoyLuck: I think their teamfighting is good but their wave control needs work.

Watching the team and others, what do the top teams do consistently? Or on the other hand, what weaknesses do you look the exploit?

JoyLuck: Strong teams don't slur over a blunder, they are always good about discussing it out and their mental. However, sometimes discussion can cause disharmony. Good teams have productive discussions while bad teams just fight each other or let their conflicts build up.

Are there any teams or regions that you look to in terms of what strategies should be played right now?

JoyLuck: Right now the flow of the meta is always changing, so all of the regions and teams are studying each other. Personally because I work with so many different teams in different regions, I study many teams. Of course the stronger teams are good to watch, but even weak teams can have good strategies.

What are your expectations in the first round against Team Impulse?

JoyLuck: The NA LCS teams really aren't stable yet, so I think anyone can win it now. I think we don't need any expectations, I'm just hoping to win :)

Do you have any shoutouts or thank you's?

JoyLuck: My other boss confirmed I can do this work for Team Dignitas and Fnatic so thanks to him. Thanks to Team Dignitas and Fnatic when they believed me (but didn't know me well) and followed my ways. So thanks to my boss, Odee, and FNC :)


Follow JoyLuck on Twitter @JoyLuckDJ for some competitive League insight and @TeamDignitas for all the latest on our squads. Don't forget to tweet #DIGWIN this weekend!


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