Interview with Team Dignitas's L0CUST



Tue 20th Mar 2012 - 8:07pm

The Intel Extreme Masters Hannover event was an intense tourney. It had some long games, some intense games, some one sided games, everything you would expect. Team Dignitas' League of Legends team managed to claim silver medal.

I caught up with Patrick ‘L0CUST’ Miller to ask him about his experiences in and out of the game at IEM Hannover.  

The team!

Hey, first of all let me thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, I really appreciate it, tell me a little about yourself.

L0CUST: I’ve been juggling college and games for several years, and roughly six months ago was picked up by Team Dignitas. When not playing League, I enjoy eating, sleeping, and long walks on the beach.

Team Dignitas has been getting lots of attention and praise, including TSM Chaox describing your performances as solid, how do you feel you did?

L0CUST: I was very happy with our performance in the group stage and against aAa in the semi-finals. Even when we fell behind, we kept playing our game and managed to pull out victories. In the finals we made a few big mistakes early on resulting in fairly one-sided matches, which was disappointing.

Those types of mistakes can’t happen against a team of m5’s caliber. We have some room to improve, but overall, I would say solid fits pretty well.

Was there a specific game or moment in a game that encompasses your performance throughout the tournament?

L0CUST: The second semi-final game against aAa where I believe I placed a thousand wards. Maybe more.

What do you think you did exceptionally well and where (if anywhere) do you feel you could have improved?

L0CUST: Taric stunning a couple of Galio’s ultimates in the semi-finals! Shutting down the enemy AP carry is always exceptional :) As for improving, I made some poor calls against m5 such as facechecking with Soraka when my heal wasn’t quite up..

Has there been any change in practice regime since Hannover?

L0CUST: No and I don’t think there will be. We came in second after all and most of our mistakes were picks and poor execution. Once we discuss and learn from those mistakes, it will be back to normal practicing.

What have you personally learnt at Hannover?

L0CUST: When Shen is available, don’t pick Irelia.

What do you think the fans' expectations were going in to Hannover and how has it changed since?

L0CUST: I don’t pay too much attention to what other people expect. From what I saw, people expected more from TSM and aAa as TSM came in 2nd at Kiev and aAa had been dominating online tournaments going into Hannover. I have no idea what fans expect now since there have been several roster changes immediately following the IEM Finals. Hopefully everyone is looking forward to IPL4 :)

Playing the support role is a lot of responsibility, how do you deal with that pressure in a large scale tourney situation?

L0CUST: The pressure doesn’t faze me too much, I try not to think about it and focus on the game.

Poor morde

In your first game against CLG, Scarra had a hard time with two exhausts mid. In that situation how do you avoid the blame game and team arguments?

L0CUST: We are playing against other very strong teams, so deaths are inevitable, and we trust everyone to always play their best. As for that particular game, we knew Mordekaiser would die to Urgot+Mundo, but scarra managed to keep up in farm, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Do you have any good stories from IEM, maybe some things that happened outside of the game?

L0CUST: Imaqtpie missed his flight, fell asleep in the airport, and somehow managed to find his way to our youth hostel, which was full of funny-looking clown paintings, 30 minutes before everyone boarded the shuttle to go play our matches on the first day. Keeping Qtpie awake made for an eventful and exciting group stage.

Thanks for your time, do you have any shoutouts?

L0CUST: Shout out to all our fans, thank you for following us. Shout out to Patoy, Rinoa, and everyone who helped make the IntelEM Finals as awesome as it was! :D Shout out to Team Dignitas and our sponsors Intel, Alienware, Creative Soundblaster, Antec, Razer, TwitchTV, Western Digital, Scan, Initial Games, & Iiyama. Follow us @TeamDignitas on Twitter and Facebook


Another thanks to Team Dignitas for hosting this interview, and L0CUST for being kind enough to answer these questions for me!

- Neonhowl EUW