I Will Dominate: "We decided that we would not show our soraka/lulu comp until we had to"



Fri 13th Apr 2012 - 6:37pm

Most of you watched IPL4 last weekend where we saw our League of Legends team come in third place. We also saw the team pick quite the unique champion combination, with three support/AP players and Soraka in mid lane, which surprised many.

After taking down CLG the team faced TSM in the WB Final, where they did not manage to take TSM down and thus having to take on CLG once again in the Consolation Final. Unfortunately CLG came prepared and took the win, which meant our team took a well deserved third place.

We had a chat with Christian 'I Will Dominate' Rivera about the final phase of the tournament and the team's performance. When asked about their unique champion selection he explained that the team thought of this strategy before going into the tournament.

"Soraka and Lulu both have decent ap ratios which means that they scale well with items. I viewed it more as a double AP (with lots of utility) and 1 support," Christian explained. "This was something that we thought was strong going in to IPL, however we didn't know how well it would work against top teams."

However, the second time that the team had to face CLG they went back to the standard meta game with only one support champion bottom joined by an ad carry, a solo top, jungler and mordekaiser in the middle. The team lost two games in a row which raises the question, did they bring out their ace in the hole too early into the tournament?

"We decided to that we would not show our soraka/lulu comp until we had to. This unfortunately came way earlier than we expected. We ended up having to show both soraka and lulu in our first set vs monomaniac in order to make it out of the winner bracket quarterfinals"

However, a bronze medal is still quite the achievement at such a high calibre event. But how do the players feel about this result? This is what Christian had to say about that: "I feel that third place is a decent result for us. I believe that we were one of the favorites to win the event coming in, so third place was a little disappointing for us."

So there you have it, a good tournament which could have gone a little bit better but the team managed to put up a great fight. I Will Dominate would like to thank all our fans aswell as our sponsors: Intel, Alienware, Qpad, Twitch TV, Killer, Creative Soundblaster, Antec, Western Digital, Scan & Iiyama.