An interview with our new top laner, dignitas\Crumbzz



Sat 26th May 2012 - 8:03am

After talking to League of Legends team captain Scarra about the recent changes to our LoL squad, we now had a chat with our newest addition, Alberto 'Crumbzz' Rengifo. He is our new top lane player as he switches over from being jungler at Curse.

We asked him about his thoughts on his new teammates aswell as his expectations for Korea. Have a read below and don't forget to support our team has they travel to Korea this summer.


After you left Curse you probably got several offers, what made you choose Team Dignitas? What are you looking forward to the most, being on dignitas?

Crumbzz: I chose to join Team Dignitas because of several things. 1st off they have a fantastic track record in the competitive scene, I also consider all of the current members of Team Dignitas friends, even before I joined, so no introductions would have to be made, as well as the opportunity to travel to the summer OGN in Korea, and of course, their clothing.

Being on Team Dignitas I look forward to becoming a force to be reckoned with in top lane, and become a more solid player as well as practicing as a team to become better than anyone of us ever was, and of course, I look forward to going to the season 2 championship for the grand prize, and hey, maybe even winning it.

What are your thoughts on your teammates?

Crumbzz: I like all my teammates. I don't think Scarra can be not happy. L0CUST is the hidden mastermind of it all. I Will Dominate is quite underrated and after playing along side him I'm confident in saying he is one of the best junglers out there. Imaqtpie is just fearless, he has seen it all on the internet.

You are renowned as an exceptional jungler. What do you think it will be like making the switch to top lane?

Crumbzz: I'll get the hang of it, it took me about 2 to 3 weeks of nonstop practice from when I switched from AP middle player to jungler, and now I expect the same for the transition to top lane. It will take a while, but I am confident that hard work and practice will make me one of the most feared top laners in the game.

Many Team Dignitas fans see voyboy as a great top laner, do you have anything to say to them about what you will bring to the table?

Crumbzz: Joining Team Dignitas I am expected to fill in the shoes that Voyboy has left behind, I plan on just bringing in another pair. I'll bring a different play style to the team which revolves more so around teamwork and less about individual situations, not to say I may not pull a fancy 1v2 here and there, but it will just be different. In a couple weeks time you can look to top lane and you may not even remember I used to be a jungler.

Which champions are your favorites to bring to top lane?

Crumbzz: Nearly all of the heroes that are imaginable, I tend to like heroes that have a better late game than early game. *Cough* jax

What are you most excited about as we approach your debut in Korea?

Crumbzz: Being in Korea will be incredible as I was following the Spring OGN and know what to expect, I hope most that teams will underestimate me in top lane and get caught by surprise. I cannot wait to establish myself as a strong top laner, but it will require a lot of hard work to get to that point. It's difficult, but definitely possible.

Which team do you think will be Team Dignitas' biggest competition and why?

Crumbzz: I think Asian teams are the toughest right now, watching their games live outside of a VOD is very difficult because of my timezone (PST), so knowing what they play and how they play is a bit tougher than any other teams in NA or EU. Aside from that, NA teams and EU teams should not be much of a problem, looking at rankings, streams and what not allow you to determine what they play and how they play it, allowing effective strategies to be planned out ahead of time.

We've seen alot of professional league players pick the game over school or work. Why have you chosen the latter?

Crumbzz: I am really passionate about what I am wanting to study, which is Journalism, a career which I see can be applied to League of Legends in the future if I am to leave the competitive scene. I am just trying to think ahead of time for my future. It is unknown how long League of Legends will last, perhaps 5 more years, or be timeless like Starcraft, who knows, but regardless the situation, I had a goal to complete my studies before I joined any LoL team, finishing it would be doing justice to that goal I had set out to complete.

Would you like to give shoutouts to anyone?

Crumbzz: For this questions I'd just like to give a shoutout to Team Dignitas and all of its sponsors: Intel, Alienware, Killer, Qpad,, IG, Multiplay, Creative Soundblaster, Western Digital, Scan, iiyama, Gamerbase, and Antec.