Team Dignitas LoL team interviewed by Inven



Sun 8th Jul 2012 - 11:22am

Last week, our LoL squad, who are in Korea to compete in the OGN Summer league, were interviewed by Inven. Team Dignitas surprisingly has a lot of fans in Korea, especially Scarra who is very famous for his Katarina play. The Korean LoL fans had a chance to ask our team questions through the interview to get to know them better.

We went to a nearby cafe to conduct the interview, and the Inven reporters treated us with drinks :) I had the pleasure of providing translations for the coverage, and I am also excited to translate the interview content in English for everyone!  

We would like to thank Inven for providing coverage of our LoL team, and Mr. Ho-sung "Helka" Cho and Mr. Sae-yoon "Sett" Oh for conducting the interview. 

You can check out the interview in Korean by clicking on this link.


Translation of interview script:

Scarra and the fun gang, we met Team Dignitas.

On June 25th we conducted a Q&A with Team Dignitas, one of the top three LoL teams in North America, by incorporating questions from our readers. Previously known as Rock Solid, Team Dignitas, like M5, is known for using new strategies that can perhaps lead to a new metagame.

The interesting part is that Team Dignitas manages to post winning results in the LoL scene despite their uncertain and creative play, and discussions on top NA teams would be incomplete without Team Dignitas.

We had to carefully select only a few questions from over 130 submissions from users, and we headed towards their gaming house.

When we arrived the players were focused on their practice game, and after they wrapped up their game we had a chance to talk to the players at a nearby café.

We met the Team Dignitas players with a bunch of questions from our Inven readers. The serious mood during practice turned into a jovial one.

How did the Team Dignitas members answer your questions? Read on to find out :D



[We] welcome your participation in the OGN summer league. It takes place over a two month period and your decision to participate may have been a difficult one. Why did you decide to partake in the tournament?

I Will Dominate: We simply wanted to improve. The Asian LoL teams are on the rise, and it is difficult to practice against them on the NA server. Even though it is a long tournament, it is a chance for us to practice against the Asian teams without any ping/lag issues.


You may have difficulty adjusting in Korea because of jet-lag, food, etc. How are things?

Crumbzz: Not a lot of people speak English in Korea, and if they do, it’s hard to understand them. So meeting people outside of our gaming house is a challenge.

I Will Dominate: I had pork intestines the other day and it wasn’t very good. There was also a bean-paste soup which didn’t smell that good.


As far as [the Inven reader knows] it is your first time competing against Korean teams. Is there a particular team that you are paying attention to? Which team would you like to go up against?

Scarra: We would like to avoid Xenics Storm. We scrimmed against them and we don’t have a good record against them.

I Will Dominate: We want to face StarTale in the tournament. We also scrimmed against them and they seem to be the easiest Korean team so far.


Karthus is very popular in the Korean server. What do you think of him [Scarra]?

Scarra: Karthus is OP. If he gets items he’s unstoppable, and you cannot stop his farming either because the Q range is very long. Karthus may have a hard time against Fizz, Kassadin, Ahri, Talon, and Katarina in lane though. But even if Karthus dies in lane he can farm the jungle minions to get back into the game.


[Crumbzz], what is the different between the previous team that you were on and the new team that you are on now?

Crumbzz: Both teams are professional. But I like how Team Dignitas is always looking to improve its game and its serious approach to the game. LoL and the e-sports scene in general may become as big as MLB and other professional sports, and Team Dignitas’ will to improve, innovate, and adapt in e-sports is admirable.


I think there will be a lot of Ezreal players because of the Pulsefire skin. How does [Imaqtpie] evaluate him?

Imaqtpie: The Pulsefire skin is awesome. I personally think Ezreal is a top 3 AD carry. The Korean Ezreals are so good like Korean Shacos. But I do not know if Ezreal will see play in the tournament. He may be more of a situational pick.


Nocturne and Nautilus jungle is played a lot. Why is that? Is there a specific team composition that is necessary for them to be effective junglers?

I Will Dominate: The reason why they are strong is that they can be used in almost all team compositions, so there aren’t any restrictions in that regard. Nautilus brings a lot of CC to the team and Nocturne’s ultimate is a deadly when a gank is coordinated.


Supports from NA such as TSM Xpecial, CLG.NA Chauster are well known in Korea. How would you compare yourself to them, [L0cust]?

L0cust: Xpecial and I seem to favour safe, ranged supports such as Janna and Soraka. But Chauster seems to use more Alistars and Sonas to play a more aggressive support. I personally like to play safe.


[Scarra’s] Katarina play very famous is Korea. In the recent Battle Royale tournament Najin Shield’s HooN used Katarina to beat TPA Toys’ Ahri in lane. Did you watch the game and can you provide some feedback on HooN’s Katarina or the champion in general?

Scarra: I didn’t watch the whole game but it seemed that Katarina did very well in the laning phase from what I saw. But Ahri vs Katarina is a bad match up and Ahri should beat Katarina about 70% of the time. Korean players seem to use AP scaling blues against Katarina, and this is ill-advised because they are taking more damage than they should be. Furthermore Katarina can rush Sorceress Shoes to deal even more damage in the laning phase.

Katarina can do well against Karthus, and it would be a coin-flip against Brand and Cassiopeia. Katarina is weak against CCs, but that weakness seems to be overestimated. Good Katarina players know when to go in during a team fight and her goal is to deal as much damage as possible.


Is there a champion that you think is the best top-laner, [Crumbzz]?

Crumbzz: I do actually, and it’s Irelia. She is somewhat hard to gank, deals a lot of damage, has mobility, has CC, and has sustain. If there was a “counterpick” to Irelia or a champion that would do well against her I would say Darius.

Who are the top three junglers in the game, [I Will Dominate]?

I Will Dominate: Nocturne, Dr. Mundo, and Nautilus. These three junglers can fulfill a certain need for a team composition. For example, Dr. Mundo can tank and counterjungle effectively. He can also be picked if a game is planned out until the late game phase. Nocturne’s ganks are deadly, especially when they are coordinated. For instance his gank would be unstoppable with an Ashe/Urgot ultimate. He’s good for getting kills. Nautilus offers a lot of CC to the team if the team composition lacks CC.

Who do you think is the best AD carry?

Imaqtpie: Draven. I feel that I’m a good player if I play him and catch the axes. He’s a fun champion and I’ve been playing Draven recently.


Which support do you like the most? Your support Gankplank was pretty cool… do you still use him?

L0cust: I used to play Taric a lot but now I’m using Soraka now. I played support GP before because back then the flavour-of-the-month supports were Alistar and Taric. The pick was to counter these supports as I can use W to remove CC effects and use Q to do a lot of damage. In team fights, E and R provided movement speed and damage for the team. But I don’t use it now because GP has been nerfed.


Are you planning on playing unorthodox supports in the future?

L0cust: Not right now, but when the meta changes maybe I can.


Team Dignitas is known for its top Lulu and mid Soraka composition. Is there a counter to this composition and is it still viable?

Scarra: Back then Voyboy thought that top Lulu was good, and I watched ScYx17 play mid Soraka on the NA server. So we put those two champions together to create a team composition. But this composition is not viable anymore because both champions have been nerfed twice and Heal has been nerfed as well. Lulu’s Q damage in late game is very small, and Soraka’s Q mana cost has increased as well. Soraka mid is still viable though.


As any top laner should know, they should not feed the opponent in lane. But I have seen you play really aggressively and tower-dive to kill the other top-laner. What is your approach to the top lane?

Crumbzz: Wait, isn’t that a question for Voyboy? My playstyle depends on the champion that I’m facing. If I think that my champion is more superior, I play aggressively. Otherwise, I play more passively. I also keep global ultimates such as Soraka’s and Karthus’ in mind when I play top. But if I see an opportunity to get a kill, I would like to go for it.


Are Draven and Varus viable in tournament play?

Imaqtpie: I think they are both viable, especially Draven. Now only if the team lets me use Varus…

I Will Dominate: No qt! (everyone laughs)


Who is the most dangerous mid-laner in the OGN Summer tournament?

Scarra: I would say Xenics Storm’s ManyReason. But I also want to say that your performance in mid-laner is largely affected by how the rest of the team plays. For instance, although I think that TPA Toys is a good mid-laner, I am not impressed by the rest of the team. World Elite’s MisayaCN’s Twisted Fate is also noteworthy.


Koreans use a lot of Skarner in jungle. But why are they rarely seen in tournament?

I Will Dominate: Skarner is weak until he can use his ultimate as level 6. Good teams will exploit this disadvantage and create a lead before Skarner reaches level 6.


What do you think of support Karma?

L0cust: I haven’t played a lot of Karma support because there are plenty of champions that can better fulfill that role. However if you really want to use support Karma I suppose her shield and Tristana’s Rocket Jump combo may be worth trying out.


Scarra plays calmly and does not seem to be affected by any mental adversities. Can you provide some advice on this ground?

Scarra: You have to realize that you are going to lose some games when you play. But when you are losing, you should make the best decisions for your gameplay and for your team because it is better than playing a sloppy game and throwing the game away. You should also keep in mind that there are plenty of comeback wins in LoL.


Name a champion that looks like the members of Team Dignitas.

(Everyone pointing to qtpie): Draven!
Imaqtpie: Whaat?
I Will Dominate: I’ll say Shaco.
Crumbzz: I like Rammus because I like to roll around (I/N: Sorry I forgot what Crumbzz said exactly).
L0cust: People say that I look like Garen but I think I can be related to Nunu?
Scarra: I’ll pass on this question.
I Will Dominate: Scarra you look like Mordekaiser. You are hard on the outside but soft on the inside.
Scarra: No I’m not!


Do you have a champion that you really want to play but can’t because the team isn’t allowing you to?

I Will Dominate: Shaco!
Imaqtpie: Twitch!
Scarra: … I’ll say Katarina
L0cust: I don’t really have a champion like that because I play support.
Crumbzz: Evelyn top. (Everyone laughs)


If you can eliminate one champion from the game, which one would it be?

Everyone: Urgot, Nidalee, Vladimir, Yorick, and Karthus.


Is there a foreign team that you are focusing on in the tournament?

Crumbzz: Not really, we are just worried about Xenics Storm.


Your former teammate Voyboy is a member of CLG.NA now and you’ll be facing him as an opponent in the tournament. How do you feel about that?

Scarra: We aren’t really worried about that because right now our big concern is Xenics Storm. CLG.NA is obviously a strong NA team, and I think the match-up would be even if we play against CLG.NA.


If that is the case, how would you lane against Voyboy, [Crumbzz]?

Crumbzz: Voyboy is an aggressive player, and I would capitalize on his mistakes can arise from his gameplay. Generally I do not think it’s a good idea to play aggressively.


How do you guys come up with “new-meta” compositions? This aspect is arguably what defines your team.

Scarra: It’s not that difficult. We take the champions that we think are strong, and we see if those champions can work together effectively.
I Will Dominate: We also do a lot of calculations to measure their capabilities in our experiments.
Scarra: No we don’t… there is no Asian on our team who can do math.


What do you think about the Kayle + Karthus composition that TSM presented in the last MLG?

Scarra: It’s pretty good. Although they can be countered in lane, they are very strong together.


The OGN tournament takes place over a span of two months. Isn’t this detrimental to your innovative playstyle?

I Will Dominate: In NA tournaments we can just play one composition throughout the tournament because they are short. But since the OGN tournament is longer we will have to continually study the opponents and come up with new strategies.


Do you have a new strategy that you will pull out for the tournament?

Crumbzz: Of course we do. Obviously we can’t tell you but you’ll see.


Do you have any final words to the Korean fans?

Crumbzz: We always thank our fans. It would be great if they can take us around for food =)
I Will Dominate: Please stop trolling us in solo-queue.


Any final words from the captain?

Scarra: We would like to thank our fans for supporting us. We will post big results in the tournament. We would like to thank our sponsors as well: Intel, Alienware, Antec, Scan, Iiyama,, IG, Qpad, Creative Sound Blaster, Western Digital, Gamerbase, Killer, Multiplay.