Interview with Team Dignitas' new Support Player: Patoy



Thu 26th Jul 2012 - 6:38pm

After the recent Team Dignitas announcement that longtime support player L0CUST would be leaving the lineup, many waited in anticipation for the arrival of his replacement. Now that former Monomaniac eSports support player Jordan 'Patoy' Blackburn has joined the ranks, many fans are eager to learn more about him and his transition into the team.

With the upcoming Season Two Championships and the team's recent premature return from Korea, we sat down to talk with him about himself as a player and the status of Team Dignitas after the changes.

How did you get involved with your former team, Monomaniac eSports?

Patoy:  I met Mash in a soloq game where he played Bravery Tristana with all 3 stacking items, Mejais, Leviathan, and Sword of the Occult. I ended up playing Alistar that game and just roamed around with Mashme the entire time trying to get him fully stacked, and by the end of the game he has two fully stacked and one at eighteen stacks, he added me to friends list, we didn't talk for a few months, and out of nowhere he invited me to be his support player on team CompLexity with I Will Dominate.


What made you decide to move from Monomaniac eSports to Team Dignitas?

Patoy:  Monomaniac was a new team with a lot of potential, however I won't have enough time on my hands with college coming up to progress with a new team, and when my friend I Will Dominate asked me to play with his already well established team in Dignitas, it was something I couldn't refuse.


How has Monomaniac reacted to your leaving?

Patoy:  Leaving Monomaniac was hard because I was with the owner at MLG most of the time just talking about the game and what steps we should take as a team. So it was hard after having talks about the team and letting me go weeks later, but he supported me as well with the rest of the team and there's no bad blood between any of us and we are all still good friends. I hope to see them all at future lans so we can hang out again.


What are the biggest differences between laning with your longtime partner Dontmashme and pairing up with Imaqtpie? Have either of you had to change your play style significantly?

Patoy:  It's hard for me to give specific differences since I just started playing with Qtpie, but as for my playstyle, I haven't had to change all that much since what I play already fits in with how they want their support to be playing.

Has finding synergy with the team as a whole been difficult thus far?

Patoy:  Not at all, I like everybody's personality and me and I Will Dominate have been friends for a long time. I haven't talked to Qtpie much but we have some of the same hobbies so I expect us to work well together.  The hardest part of adjusting to Dignitas so far wasn't any gameplay issues, but getting into the game itself. Shortly after my joining of Dignitas was official, my computer's CPU and motherboard fried, leaving me with no way to practice. With two tournaments this week to play and less practice time due to my computer issues, I'm not off to the greatest start, but hopefully I can bounce back and improve with Qtpie and the rest of Dignitas.


How do you think the lineup change will affect the team for the Season Two Championship? Is there enough time to grow used to each other? 

Patoy:  I think we have enough time, everybody is either taking the semester from college off or taking less classes so we have more time to practice, and I will be doing the same so we can be playing in our prime for the Championship.


How did you choose the name ‘Patoy’?

Patoy:  'Patoy' came from something my Grandma used to say to me when I was really young, but the original word was taken, 'Patoytoy', so I shortened it and now I am 'd Patoy'.

Did you play any other games either casually or seriously before League of Legends?

Patoy:  I played World of Warcraft a bit seriously, but it wasn't in the PvP department.


What about the support role appealed to you the most when you first started seriously playing League?

Patoy:  To be honest, I have no idea how I started playing as a support.  Although I was a previous AP main I still liked to play champions outside of that role, and most of those were support champs, so eventually everything clicked and I am now a support main.

Do you have any shoutouts you would like to give?

Patoy:  Shoutout to Team Dignitas and all of our sponsors: Intel, Alienware, Antec´╗┐, Killer, Qpad,, IG, Multiplay, Creative Soundblaster, Western Digital, Scan, iiyama and Gamerbase. I hope I can improve with the team so we are able to show every some great games. See you all at future lans ^_^.