Interview with Patoy: "We plan to carry the confidence and synergy on to the world finals to bring out a first place victory"



Wed 12th Sep 2012 - 7:58pm

Jordan 'Patoy' Blackburn is the most recent acquistion to the Team Dignitas League of Legends team. Since his arrival the team has been on an incredible winning streak falling only once resulting in a second place result in the North American regional championships. I was lucky enough to talk to Patoy about all his recent results, as well as how he's settling in as the new support player for Team Dignitas.



You have only recently joined Team Dignitas in late July, in the passed 6 weeks though you have had impressive results, what do you believe you bring to the team that has led to this success?

Patoy: I believe I bring a bit of everything to the table. The main things would be making calls and plays for the bottom lane early in the game, and coming up or tweaking our strategies.


The first major success following your arrival on Team Dignitas was a 1st place victory at the TSM NA Invitational 5, did you have to practice a lot as a team to achieve this?

Patoy: We didn't have all that much practice before that tournament because they had just flew back from Korea, but we all played well and made good calls so we were able to pull out a win.


With that success, were you confident the team had created a postive synergy that could lead to more 1st place victories?

Patoy: Definitely, we all work well with each other and for the most part think alike, so it's like clockwork when we are playing our games. We plan to carry the confidence and synergy on to the world finals to bring out a first place victory.


Do you feel that positive state of mind and confidence was what led you to success in the IPL Elites?

Patoy: Yes, we were all excited and well prepared to play and win the IPL Elites. We all made good calls, played champions we were comfortable with, kept up with out mechanics, and we were able to bring home a win.



You recently returned from the North American League of Legends regionals, coming 2nd place, how was the experience for you?

Patoy: It was nice to meet everybody I had played with online, I thought I would be a bit more nervous on stage but I ended up being perfectly fine, no stage fright or anything of the like. However I wasn't a fan of the incredibly awkward player intros for the first day.


How well did the team do compared to your expectations in comparison to recent results?

Patoy: I couldn't ask for more, I love where the team is and I'm happy to be a part of it. Right now our plan is to just practice as hard and as much as we can for the world finals.


The team used a successful poke composition against CLG, focusing on AP Nidalee and Caitlyn, was this planned specifically for CLG or did you decide at the champion select screen?

Patoy: It was planned before hand, however we never practiced the comp with Alistar jungle, but Iwilldominate was open so we went for it and it turned out well. Even though the comp worked, we all agree we could've picked certain champions differently to have an even more effective poke comp.


Unfortunately you dropped 0-2 against Team Solo Mid in the finals, in retrospect what do you believe went wrong?

Patoy: We lost before the game started, we were split between what kind of comp and strat to play and we ended up choosing the wrong one both games. Since then we plan to prepare better for different situations during picks and bans so we know exactly what we want to play beforehand.


Your result at the NA regionals qualified you for the season 2 World Championships in Los Angeles this October. How is this going to effect the teams practice schedule?

Patoy: We will be trying to schedule scrims five days a week if possible and have weekends for breaks, we really want to be prepared for the championships and do our best.


The World Championships will be the biggest LoL event yet, what do you feel Team Dignitas' chances of success are going into the event?

Patoy: Going into the tournament I'm extremly confident in my team, and if we prepare and practice well and keep up with out mechanics there's no doubt in my mind we'll take first place.


Do you have any other unorthodox strategies in your arsenal for this event?

Patoy: It's a work in progress.


With the World Championships just 6 weeks away, what final words do you have for the fans of you and Team Dignitas?

Patoy: Thank you everybody for your support, I will try to bring some great games to entertain everybody.


Finally Patoy, any shout outs?

Patoy: Shout out to all the sponsors and fans, I hope we make everybody proud at the finals!


I would like to thank Patoy for giving me this opportunity and commend his positive attitude going into the World Championships! To support Patoy follow him on these social network sites:


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Wish him luck!