Regarding the I Will Dominate Ruling



Thu 6th Dec 2012 - 8:48pm

Due to the ruling from Riot Games that I Will Dominate can no longer compete in Season3, he unfortunately has to leave our League of Legends team. We have accepted I Will Dominate's apology but of course we cannot condone any behaviour from our players such as what he was banned for. We will look for a replacement and will announce that in due course, our commitment to League has not changed and our team will continue into Season 3.

We also accept this ruling from RIOT as we believe that players conduct moving forward has to be nipped in bud. RIOT Season 3 plans are massive and after experiencing the LoL community for the past two years this is a neccessary step which I hope will make sure that other players from any team do not fall into the same punishment.

My apologies for a slow response as most of you know it has been slightly hectic here for me since my return from IPL 5.