Crumbzz talks about top lane and jungle changes in S3



Sun 23rd Dec 2012 - 4:25pm

With Season 3 came sweeping changes to item builds, the jungle and masteries. There are so many changes that the average player can find it very difficult to wade through and try to keep ahead of the resulting change in the Meta-game. In times like these players look to the professionals for advice on what's changed and how it affects the game as a whole. Alberto 'Crumbzz' Rengifo took some time to answer a few questions for our benefit.

Also, Team Dignitas' League of Legends team recently spent some time in Korea, so Crumbzz has also answered a few questions about the experience.


So much has been changed in the jungle, moving towards a Season 1 style jungle again. What do you think of these jungle changes?

Crumbzz: The new jungle leans more towards less ganking and more farming, encouraging carry junglers to get a lot of farm, this is to remove the previous role of jungler where they would get very little farm and only an aegis and be done.

The goal of having carry junglers would have been fine if Aegis remained, but the addition of Runic Bulwark makes it a must have item for every team. So now you just play a jungler, rush aegis and then leave all the farm to your solos again, more champions are viable, but the same feel of a 2nd support champion in the jungle still remains.


We're seeing a resurgence of some of the old junglers like Rammus, as well as the rise of new junglers like Olaf who just didn't have the AoE damage to farm effectively in the Season 2 jungle. There's also the slight fall of some junglers who relied on AoE damage to jungle, like Amumu. What do you think about the change in the viable Jungler roster?

Crumbzz: I don't think any junglers actually fell off. Every jungler that was viable before still is, and I don't think we will see a rise of new junglers anytime soon. The issue with having a rise of new junglers is that junglers that have heavy cc don't need items, so they only bring cc. then you have your solos get all the damage and you got yourself a team comp.

You can play Amumu in the jungle, and only have a Bulwark and give the rest of your jungle to the Karthus and. Nowadays, the most common junglers are the ones that get very strong at level 6. Amumu, Cho, Malphite, Skarner, Nocturne, Maokai, Shen. They all have cc, very tanky and have a very easy time ganking through wards at level 6 (or towerdiving).


Are there any new or unconventional junglers you're looking into playing more? Also, are there any old junglers who you think won't see as much play as they used to?

Crumbzz: Shaco all day. Maybe some Sejuani, Fiddles and Shen. I don't think we will see much of Skarner until someone actually plays him in a tournament and people realize he is still a beast.

You've recently changed from top lane, but what do you think about the state of the top lane at the moment? How do the new items and jungle affect the situation up there?

Crumbzz: I'm glad I changed, as soon as I played top in season 3 for the 1st time, and my enemy started 9 pots and 2 wards I was most displeased. Too many pots allow for too many mistakes to be made in top without actual capitalization on it. Not so good players will look better. Ganking top is really difficult early on now, wards go down very early so it's not worth it, junglers gotta stick to the jungle now =/


Which champions are strong and which have become a bit weaker in top lane?

Crumbzz: Nearly everything is viable top now, you start with 11 pots and make it out of laning phase, and it's all good. Typically you want champs that can build the new items effectively, Cleaver, Liandry's. So the old school tops like Irelia and Jax are out and everything else is in.


There are so many more viable options for buying starting items now, as well as masteries that give you items to start with. What are your opinions on starting builds at the moment?

Crumbzz: For jungler, always machete. For top, here are all the builds we see. All pots, 9 pots 2 wards, flash pots and a ward, boots and pots, long sword and pots, and cloth armor and pots, as long as you have plenty pots /regen items it's viable.


Nerfing the movement speed bonus that boots give has had a larger impact than most players realise. What are your thoughts on the effects this boots nerf has had?

Crumbzz: Boots suck now. I rarely finish my tier 2 boots before a big item. Sometimes I dont even get boots for 20 minutes, they are not necessary, and remember that movement speed is not a stat that makes you stronger in a fight that has no fleeing, so if you can force a strong straight up fight and you didn't waste money on boots and used it on better items, you should win.


Are there any new items in particular you've found you like to build? If yes, why?

Crumbzz: Bulwark on everything. 30 mr and 10 armor aura with great regen. Very op.


Black Cleaver is pretty much the most noticeable item that just went wrong. Though the item was nerfed, the armor shred passive on Black Cleaver still isn't unique. Do you think reducing the flat armor penetration value and making that unique is enough to nerf Black Cleaver?

Crumbzz: It's a strong item, but not that op, brusiers now can be defeated. Maybe a little more nerf on it and it's good to go, or maybe I'm just seeing Kha'zix kill my team too often.


Generally, people are still sticking to the Season 2 style of having a set build for a champion and rarely deviating from it. Is this an attitude that should be changed for Season 3?

Crumbzz: I don't think people even know the entire items that are available and what they do. I think there is still a lot of room for experimenting, the problem is people don't want to lose by trying something new for the fear it fails. Innovation is key.


What do you think about the massive mastery changes and additions?

Crumbzz: The offense tree is weak and only ad's and ap's benefit from it the most, for everything else, defense tree and or utility. I find myself using 21 points in defense in almost every champion.


How are you finding playing the Jungler position as part of Team Dignitas?

Crumbzz: It's fun, I have a bigger impact on the game and I get to engage most of the time, I also really like out-smiting people.


Your favourite champion is Jax, do you still get to play him in the jungle?

Crumbzz: Na he is not viable competitively in the jungle IMO. He doesn't have a good AoE spell to clear the camps and doesn't get enough farm to be the powerhouse he can be.


A few months ago you spent some time with the team in Korea, what did you learn about the team and about the game while there?

Crumbzz: I learned more about my teams personalities but the team back then had 2 different players than we do now. So what we learned is still somewhat applicable. But the biggest thing is win, and win fast, always.


The Korean League of Legends scene is becoming a lot more noticed worldwide, what do you think of Korean players and teams?

Crumbzz: All my eyes are on KT rolster B, for not dropping a set in the OGN, they are quite impressive. I don't follow specific players. I think the difference between Korean teams and NA is not enough to write in here, which is something I want to rant about in what I hope someday will be my own blog.


Are there any shout outs you'd like to give?

Crumbzz: All the sponsors of Team Dignitas. The people who run Team Dignitas who get so little credit but are the most important aspect of it and of course my fans.


Thanks again for the interview!