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Mon 7th Jan 2013 - 9:38pm

This article is a draft made by William 'Scarra' Li, where he writes down his thoughts on champions. We'll be looking to bring you a set of complete guides throughout 2013 coming from the Team Dignitas LoL players, so stay tuned!

William 'Scarra' Li

Ahri: Very flexible ap mid champion. Can wave clear and burst fairly well. Honestly feels fine. No changes.
Akali: Fine. Might want to rework her passive to work without rune pages which'll increase her play and stop the limitation of a specific rune page.
Alistar: Not in a bad spot. A small buff to W or E would help a lot. He's still one of the best playmaking supports.
Amumu: Probably the strongest jungler if not top 3-5 right now. Unsure if riot wants him to be here because could potentially fall off as more and more people play on this patch. His passive is nutty. No nerfs for now.
Anivia: I feel she was hit probably the hardest by the season 3 patch in terms of ap mids. Extremely hard to play against counterpicks with sustain right now unless you are playing this champion at a high level. Very viable just much more work required. Still really good against aps though (not annie and kass p hard too). Might need buffs but we'll see.
Annie: Her current PBE buffs are a strong step in the right direction. Her biggest problem is she falls off late game but has an incredible laning phase. No changes for now.
Ashe: Really strong. Her skillset feels very archaic though (E is really boring) which makes sense because she's one of the oldest champions. Could use a rework but nothing even close to high priority. No changes.
Blitzcrank: Very strong situationally. Gives you the most amount of lvl 1 potential in a support outside of leblanc (circumventing ward spots with lvl 1 W). Fine no changes.
Brand: Needs some help. Feels like he can't go toe to toe with ap champions with longer range or better sustain than him. High reliance on skillshots (fine) but the fact that he needs to apply his passive to make his skillshots rewarding just makes his laning very hard. He might not need base damage buffs, but range buffs or mana cost buffs would be very interesting.
Caitlyn: Really strong ad carry right now. High amount of synergy with nunu (most effective low skill bottom lane) and zyra. Works just as well wiith standard supports like lulu/sona. However, really lacks a late late game till 6 items unless you have nunu. Fine where she is now.
Cass: Very hard to play against gap closers. Not quite sure what to give her in this situation because her actual damage output is nuts (see something like highest in game). No changes for now but maybe just a passive buff (each stack gives her 1-2% ms) or a mana cost buff? Honestly even with these problems she's still really good. Very small amount of changes.
Cho gath: Very strong jungler. Commonly picked after amumu is taken as a imposing tank line with CC (aoe silence SO STRONG). No changes.
Corki: He's honestly pretty bad right now. I don't see him even considered as a pick in pro play and really he's only used as a hard counterpick to vayne in lane. His pick % fell based on patch but he's still a pretty strong champion, just pales to cait/ez/twitch/vayne.
Darius: Really weird champion. Strong pick into sivir comps. Rarely loses 1v1 to anything except kayle. Can be kited however and camped by jungler because lacks mobility. However his damage is absurd... Feels ok to leave him where he is now. If he needs a nerf could just make his passive physical damage instead of magical.
Diana: Honestly ok right now. Very weak laning phase though which can be worked around by spam shoving or picking her late. Only thing that bugs me is W range is too short (shorter than her AA range). If you buff that + duration of shield she'd feel much better to play.
Dr. Mundo: Fine where he's at right now. Fast clear jungle with interesting ranged poke and a strong tanking steroid in his E.
Draven: Lane dominating champion. Can be shut down by strong initiation like malphite. Not very mobile but hits like a truck. Don't let this snowball in lane or else he'll just crush your front line. Fine where he's at now most likely.
Eve: Probably the single best ap champion in the game. Has strong mobility, can walk through wards. Her QWE aren't too problematic, but her ULT is literally everything you'd want on a champion put into one. Her ult is a super low cd (36 at 40% at lvl 16), large ranged aoe, % max health nuke that slows up to 70%. Honestly nerf one of these 4 problems. I would say maybe increase the cooldown and/or hit the slow % to 40/50/60 (more consistent per levels rather than 30/50/70). Other than that is mainly problematic because everyone starts with green wards and she just walks straight through them to gank lanes.
Ezreal: One of the most flexible AD champions. Really has no downsides and is an extremely strong early pick for when your team has no idea what to do. He can work in almost any comp and with any support. Probably one of the top 3 ADs right now and is really strong with a standard AD build into frozen fist (getting nerfed for ranged). His Q range as well as his passive steroid allow him to be relavant at all stages of the game. No changes he's fine.
Fiddle: One of the newer junglers that is seeing a lot of light due to the S3 changes. Excellent champ. One of the best CCs in the game as well as one of the few initiations. Very solid magical damage from the jungle + potent ganks. Has a problem with skirmishes early against better 1v1 junglers but still excellent. No changes

Added after version 1:
: Very interesting champion. Counters a lot of low range mids. Lacks mobility bad against gap close. R buff will be huge. 

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