Interview with Imaqtpie



Sun 13th Jan 2013 - 3:37pm

We had a chat with Team Dignitas AD Carry, Michael 'Imaqtpie' Santana, to talk about the impact of recent patches on the bot lane gameplay. Qtpie talks about new items, champions and the team. Read on below for the full interview.


With 2012 over what are some achievements you're proud of last year? Any solid goals for improvement for the coming year?

Imaqtpie: I'm proud of the fact that we have such amazing fans!!! haha xP some goals to improve on would be team play.

A lot of talk with Season 3 so far has focused on how the itemization is working for top lane and support. How has the new itemization worked for AD carry and are there any areas that need improvement or balancing before preseason ends?

Imaqtpie: Blade of the Ruined King is the best item to get first on an ad carry and I believe needs to be nerfed asap.

Do you see the standard meta keeping into Season 3 or is there room for changes as items and new champions are fleshed out? Can you describe some of your thoughts on this?

Imaqtpie: Meta always changes.

What are some champs and itemizations people looking to do AD carry should try out in Season 3? More importantly, are there any common AD carry traps that people should try to avoid because they provide underwhelming results?

Imaqtpie: Blade of the Ruined King is the most cost effective item for ad carries and has no real downsides. I suggest everyone build it.

What is needed to see more Miss Fortune, Urgot, Tristana, Sivir and so on being played, instead of the main ADs such as Ezreal or Graves?

Imaqtpie: MF is good, Urgot is good, Sivir is ok, Tristana will always be terrible, also graves isn't one of the main ads.


Both mechanically and theoretically what are some of the most important early goals for an AD carry player in lane? How can people work on these goals best?

Imaqtpie: Farm and don't die. You can work on them by last hitting cs and not being killed by the enemy team.

We hear a lot about how to support from support players without hearing from enough AD players on the subject. What do you want to see in a support and what are some common mistakes a support can make that can damage the carry and the lane itself?

Imaqtpie: I want to see a support not be terrible at this game. Common mistakes are running into the enemy and being killed instantly.

And since we're on the subject of new things, how has TheRealKiwiKid been working out for the team so far? What are some of the challenges in bringing in a new person to a game that focuses so much on team play?

Imaqtpie: kiwikid is a swell guy. The challenge of bringing someone new into a team game is it's a team game and you are bringing in someone that is new.

Do you ever see the game moving away from traditional AD carries or is there room for more variation this season?

Imaqtpie: No the game will never change. It will always be the same, there is only one way to play this game.

Any thoughts on any of the other new champions and how they're fitting into the game so far?

Imaqtpie: Nami is nice. Zed is nice.

Any shoutouts?

Imaqtpie: Shout out to Team Dignitas and all their sponsors.

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