Team Dignitas Champion Rundown: Supports With Patoy



Sun 24th Feb 2013 - 8:21pm

With well over 100 champions in League of Legends, and more being released each week, it can be difficult for new and veteran players alike to keep track of every single one.  Whether you have been playing for a long time and just want to read the thoughts and comments of professional players, or are just trying to get the hang of just exactly who these characters are, this guide is a great and complete starting point.

Each member of the Team Dignitas League of Legends team has commented on champions specific to their role, until every single one has been explained.  They are, naturally, organized alphabetically, and each entry contains strengths and weaknesses, viability, general thoughts and opinions, and more.

The original idea stemmed from how much you all enjoyed Scarra's thoughts on a few champions, so we've tried to make a bit cleaner of a format with the same idea.  Stay tuned for the opinions of the other four members of Team Dignitas, which will be coming soon!

We will do our best to keep this guide up to date with new champions and major changes, but please let us know if you have feedback or suggestions and we will do our best to accomodate.

Update: we added three missing champions, the list should be complete!


Champion: Alistar

Strengths: Initiating, strong laning.

Weaknesses: Mana, weak to early harass.

Strong Items: Shurelya's Reverie, Mobilitiy Boots.

Other Comments: Difficult to pull off engages with max range combos.


Champion: Blitzcrank

Strengths: Level 1 is really strong, good catch potential.

Weaknesses: Weak to harass if the enemy has a big creep wave in lane.

Strong Items: Mobility Boots.

Other Comments: Difficult to play lane if inexperienced.


Champion: Fiddlesticks

Strengths: Lane pressure, good initiate with silence follow up.

Weaknesses: Difficult to position.

Strong Items: Anything with CDR.

Other Comments: Don't play support Fiddle like you would with jungle or lane Fiddle. 


 Champion: Janna

Strengths: Good AD steroid and peeling along with wave clear.

Weaknesses: Passive champion that is only useful for running away or protecting the AD.

Strong Items: Morellonomicon.

Other Comments: Don't be too hasty on using her ultimate.


Champion: Karma

Strengths: Shield and a % health+cone AOE heal is incredibly strong in lane.

Weaknesses: CDR can't use abilities to support hardly at all.

Strong Items: Frozen Heart, Locket.

Other Comments: Better as AP mid.


 Champion: Kayle

Strengths: Good harass and ultimate.

Weaknesses: No catch, not a lot of peel.

Strong Items: Nashor's Tooth.

Other Comments: Better as AP top or mid.


Champion: Leona 

Strengths: Tanky with great catch and initiate.

Weaknesses: Easy to bait in lane.

Strong Items: Doran's Shield, anything with health.

Other Comments: You must know where the enemy jungler is before fighting 2v2 in lane, or risk being baited due to having no escape.


 Champion: Lulu

Strengths: Harass, peel, anti-assassin.

Weaknesses: Squishy, slow moving.

Strong Items: Nashor's Tooth.

Other Comments: Don't max E second.


Champion: Lux

Strengths: Good catch and shield.

Weaknesses: Hard to land all her skillshots.

Strong Items: Morellonomicon.

Other Comments: Difficult to learn.


Champion: Nami

Strengths: Good laning, good catch, good utility for the ADC in fights.

Weaknesses: Long CD's.

Strong Items: Shurelya's Reverie, Locket of the Iron Solari.

Other comments: Viable but hard to learn .


Champion: Nidalee

Strengths: Poke, bush control.

Weaknesses: Everything.

Strong Items: Morellonomicon

Other Comments: Better as top or mid.


Champion: Nunu

Strengths: Fail-proof, good peel, anti-dive.

Weaknesses: No catch, walking buff.

Strong Items: Anything with CDR.

Other Comments: You feel useless since you're only useful for Bloodboil.


Champion: Orianna

Strengths: Good harass and bush control.

Weaknesses: Her catch is on a 1.5 minute CD.

Strong Items: Morellonomicon, Nashor's Tooth.

Other Comments: Better as mid.


Champion: Sona

Strengths: Good poke and auras.

Weaknesses: Squishier than a ranged minion.

Strong Items: Anything with CDR.

Other Comments: It is difficult to learn Powerchord algorithms.


Champion: Soraka

Strengths: Strong healing and silence, great consistent damage and MR stats in fights.

Weaknesses: Can be walked over by stun supports in lane.

Strong Items: Iceborn Gauntlet, Locket of the Iron Solari.

Other comments: Difficult to micro when maxing Q.


Champion: Taric

Strengths: Walking aura, best laning support.

Weaknesses: Mana issues in lane.

Strong Items: Mobility Boots.

Other Comments: He is the easiest champion to learn while being the best laner.


Champion: Zilean

Strengths: Global experience bonus passive.

Weaknesses: Everything.

Strong Items: Anything with CDR.

Other Comments: Keep him mid.


Champion: Zyra

Strengths: Anti-dive, good catch, good peel.

Weaknesses: Hard to land her snares: anti-dive, good catch, good peel.

Strong Items: Twin Shadows.

Other Comments: Don't be too triggerhappy on using her ultimate.

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    I myself didn't hear about Scarra's thoughts but i like what you've written about all of these champions! Definitely been looking for something like this to help a friend get into the game....Except..... Nidalee has NO weaknesses, I think that may be a typo there :P

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