Team Dignitas League of Legends AMA



Sun 10th Feb 2013 - 4:31pm

This is the Team Dignitas League of Legends AMA, where you can ask questions to all 10 of our LoL players.

Our League of Legends division has been very active lately: acquiring five new players for our LoL division, our core lineup playing in LCS, the squad searching for a gaming house and so on. We can imagine our fans (hey, that's you!) have a lot to ask to our players and this week you will get that opportunity.


How does it work?

It is very simple: ask your questions here, on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit and we will gather a set of questions for each player. Team Dignitas will choose a set of questions for each player which will get answered within the next few days. Once the players answered the questions, we will release a new article containing all answers, from all players.

Please keep questions serious and polite, you can mention which player you'd like to answer your question or you can let Team Dignitas decide which player answers your questions. You can also ask questions to James 'Stress' O'Leary and Ambrielle 'KatanaMordecai' Army, who host our weekly LoL Youtube talkshow, Recall.

Where can I ask my question?

- Right here! Just leave a comment.
- On our Facebook wall
- By tweeting @TeamDignitas
- In the Reddit thread

Your Comments

  • Mon 11th Feb 2013 - 4:11am
    This AMA is pretty old now, but I figured I'd toss my question out there. For Crumbzz: What can laners do to make a junglers life easier? I know some good ward coverage helps alot, and trying to avoid taking wraiths at bad times, but other than that I find myself almost forgetting about my friendly jungler for alot of the game. What should I be aware of so I can help my jungler help my team?
  • Sun 10th Feb 2013 - 10:12pm
    I am curious about what the thinking was behind the Kassadin pick against Reginald's Ryze in the first day of the LCS. I am nowhere near a professional level League player, and I won't sit here and try to claim I am, so I may be mistaken, but even before the match started, I felt Kassadin was not a good match against Ryze. Just wondering what the plan was when Scara decided to last pick Kass there.

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