LCS: Team Dignitas vs. Good Game University



Sat 16th Feb 2013 - 12:33am

Yesterday we saw a very confident and coordinated performance by our League of Legends team as they took down both Team MRN and TSM Snapdragon in a convincing fashion. The second day of the North American League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) week two has another great game in store as we face Good Game University, a team that despite their 0:2 record showed a very impressive performance in their first games.

The show begins at 02:00 CET with our own match starting around 03:00 CET. Tune in to the stream linked below and cheer for Crumbzz, Imaqtpie, KiWiKiD, Patoy and Scarra.

Stream (will become available during the match)


League of Legends Championship Series - Week Two

Recent results:
1:0 vs TSM Snapdragon 
1:0 vs Team MRN 
1:0 vs Vulcun 
Recent results:
0:1 vs Curse 
0:1 vs Counter Logic Gaming 

KiWiKiD   TOP   Fat
Crumbzz   JUNGLE   NintendudeX
Scarra   MID   ZionSpartan
Imaqtpie   AD CARRY   DontMashMe
Patoy   SUPPORT   Bloodwater

Thu 6pm PST
Thu 9pm EST
Fri 02:00 GMT
Fri 03:00 CET

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