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Sat 16th Feb 2013 - 3:07pm

Last week we announced the Team Dignitas League of Legends AMA (Ask Me Anything), where you could ask our players any question. We picked out as many questions as we could for our players to answer, which you can find below. Enjoy the read!


William 'Scarra' Li

What do you think has been the biggest problem for you as a team after losing Iwilldominate for a year and do you think you'll put him back on the team after his suspension/ban is up? (XCmania)

Scarra: The biggest problem for us after losing dominate was finding a top tier player to replace him in the jungle. Luckily crumbzz told us he would prefer to be the jungler, a role that is notoriously hard to find pro players for, and we could look to fill out a top lane which had a much wider selection pool.

Aside from that, team synergy always decreases when you lose a player. Everything from mindset to commucation has to be reworked on with a new 5th. A lot of times you'll see things happen that turn out horribly because people aren't all on the same page. This will get better over the LCS season but is probably one of our biggest problems right now.

About IWD, he has the potential to rejoin the team once his ban is lifted, but only if a spot opens up from our team. Currently, our team roster is very solid, and I have no problems with the current team.

Do you feel like riskier mid picks like Kassadin are something worth continuing to practice given the team's patchy record with them, or are more conventional picks and comps what you are looking for in the future? (Shuurai)

Scarra: The mid kass pick is something that's always very good to have in your repretoire. Typically if you have multiple mids that can counterpick, the other player always has to keep in mind your full champion pool before he can blind pick his mid. In the match that we picked kass in, diana would have been a much better choice. That and the botched dragon fight (horribly botched) lost us the game.


What is your opinion on xerath in the current meta? (stillnihilist)

Scarra: Xerath is extremely strong right now. The penetration changes helped him achieve absolutely ridiculous damage now with his W + pen items. He still struggles against some mids because he's very immobile, but he's got a great niche role as a back-line killer and safe poker. A player who plays this champion a lot in NA is batmanjew and who I would redirect you to him for more intricate xerath questions.

What changes do you feel should be made to AP carries to make them a little stronger so they can withstand the AD Caster/bruiser mid? (Sav10r)

Scarra: Honestly AP carries are fine where they are at now. Even before the seeker's armguards change, AP carries were heavily underestimated. The problem with AP carries was largely that there are more positional requirements to lane correctly, and many players have trouble spacing correctly against the opposing player. This leads to free harass and kill opportunities that shouldn't exist at a better level of play. 

What do you do as mid player when you are very far ahead but both your top and bot are behind? (sjonnyboy)

Scarra: When you are ahead as a mid lane, the most important thing to do is to put pressure on the map. A lot of people achieve this by roaming, but sometimes it's not easy to roam as a middle champion if you are immobile and very squishy (see: anivia). In this case, you would want to force pressure by looking to break the mid turret fast and shifting over to help the other lanes or redirect the opposing pressure by shoving mid so hard that the jungler + other players have to come to help their mid lane. It's all highly situational, and I've covered only one or two possible situations. 

What is the biggest problem the team is facing right now, and how long do you think it will take to get it fixed? (Solrak87)

Scarra: The biggest problem for us right now is just communcation. This is a pretty broad answer so I'll try to break it down a bit. We want to increase our in game information stream to each other meaning that everyone knows whats happening on parts of the map without having to watch it. Additionally, when we all look to make a play on an objective or force a team fight, we need to be on the same page about which targets to focus and how we want skirmishes to go.

A lot of problems about being on the same page can be fixed through solid replay analysis, and that's something that we have to wait for a house until we can effectively establish that into our schedule.

Alberto 'Crumbzz' Rengifo

In what way do you think the housing situation affected the results from week 1? (Bzzzzzzzzagemann)

Crumbzz: The housing situation affected the amount of scrims we can do, as well as limiting our replay reviews severely, making it much harder to learn upon mistakes than other moved in teams.

Does scarra do most of the playcalling or is it shared? And how do you guys go about theorycrafting and planning strats? (fifteenstepper)

Crumbzz: Calls are shared, calls regarding jungle objectives and dragon and baron are almost all the time mine. We theory craft like you do a potluck, all opinions, try it all.

Phreak and Rivington were talking about you and your little ‘cloth’ over your mouse. What exactly does that do for you comfort wise? (Ty_lerrr)

Crumbzz: I have a condition called Hyperhydrosis, my hands sweat excessively for no reason, so the towel keeps my hand with a firm grip on the mouse.

How much time does Dig practice daily and which teams do you usually scrim, aside from Dig team B? (HansReich)

Crumbzz: We look to scrim around 6-8 hours daily, although because of the housing and internet situation, it is closer to the 6 hours. We scrim almost every team in LCS except TSM and normally Curse stream (Curse streams), we also scrim all the teams in the league lower that have players which we recognize or are in the amateur league.

As an individuals how hard was it to become pro players and get set up to stream and become part of a competitive team? What did it take and what kind of effort did you have to apply? (Fallie)

Crumbzz: I had to leave my home in Vancouver, drop out of University, and dedicate myself to the game and all that comes with it, it's easy to do, getting to the spot to be able to do that is the hard part, lots of irresponsible gaming occured when I had other responsibilities.


Alan 'KiWiKiD' Nguyen

What do you guys think you have to change or improve upon to beat teams like Crs, TSM and CLG? (Truesol)

KiWiKiD: We need to communicate more as a team and have the same priorities.

How do you feel about your performance at LCS week 1? (Tahj42)

KiWiKiD: In one word: humbled.

Where do you think you need to improve the most as a team? (dejavu9420)

KiWiKiD: I think as a team we need to learn how to close our games.

Can we expect more streaming once everything gets settled on the Dignitas Gaming House? (Seviar)

KiWiKiD: Yes, of course! We'll all be streaming more often once we are settled in.

What is your opinion of the current trend of stacking health through Randuins/Warmogs/Sunfire etc? (jimmysalvage)

KiWiKiD: It's good, but overrated. Especially with the recent patch, where the belt was nerfed and sunfire/warmogs became more expensive.

As the newest member, do you still feel yourself adapting to what the incumbent members think and say or are you also contributing your own style and mentality towards top lane? (Virgilijus)

KiWiKiD: Both: I adapt as well as contribute my own style!


Jordan 'Patoy' Blackburn

Do you work hard on communication to have military precision? We're still regularly seeing people in pro games place 2 wards at the same time, or wasting 10+ second cooldowns and mana going for the same cs when pushing. Is there little improvement to be gained here compared to other areas? (valleyshrew)

Patoy: I work hard on my precision and mechanics so I don't miss wards or waste crucial abilities when there is nothing to gain from it.

How good do you think Kiwi is and how well is he fitting in with the team? (SoulCakeMonkey)

Patoy: He's doing well and fitting in well.

Personally I think you're the best supports NA right now, you are so under-rated. What supports are you generally comfortable with? What is your role during games; like do you take timers, make some calls, or just take care of QTPie? (Ty_lerrr)

Patoy: I'm comfortable with generally all supports since I try my best to be able to play almost all viable supports. During the game my role is to take timers, make calls, initiate team fights, protect qtpie during fights, and land my abilities on important targets.

What champions need a remake the most? Which need some tweaks to fit better in competitive play? How would you fix Karma if you had the ability to? (CoconutCreamer)

Patoy: Karma is considered a support champion still so she could use a buff to her CDR and maybe some of her base stats.


Michael 'Imaqtpie' Santana

I see you play a lot of deviant things bot lane like Kayle and Jayce ADC which are two non-common picks. My question is, will you consider doing a kill lane bottom or pulling out one of those non-common picks instead of trying to run a standard ADC/support in the future? (Ty_lerrr)

Imaqtpie: Double bruiser bottom lane is good, just have to work on synergy since those types of lanes take twice the effort to run then just standard. I would like to run it though just depends on team.

What can you say to the haters now that Twitch is actually a standard ADC? (Hunterkiller00)

Imaqtpie: I thought Twitch sucked horribly also... we were all wrong o:

Who is the best support for twitch? (quazonis)

Imaqtpie: Nunu and Lulu aare the two best supports since they both have enough peel for him.

Word is that it's very hard to carry as an ad carry in the Mogs/Sunfire/Tabi meta. Do you think that some AD Carries can't carry even if they are ahead? And apart from Twitch which other ADC can actually contribute to the game? (paul232)

Imaqtpie: Yes, ad carries such as Graves or Ezreal just don't do enough damage to kill them and as a result get wrecked once gapclosed, things like Vayne and Kog though can still sit there and chunk so they are nice. 


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