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Thu 12th Sep 2013 - 9:21pm

Throughout the next few weeks, make sure to follow our coverage center right here to stay up to date with each stage of of the League of Legends Season 3 World Championship.  Here you will find team profiles and previews, analytical articles, highlight reels for the top teams, player interviews, recaps, and more!  We will constantly be updating this page as more of our dedicated editors and authors work around the clock to bring you as much information as possible about the participating teams.

Whether you have been following competitive League of Legends for years or are just getting into the thick of it, we will have articles and content specialized toward viewers of every knowledge level.

 Make sure to stay tuned for all of our upcoming articles.


Team Previews - Get to know the top teams in the world!


- Gambit Gaming by Drfeelbad

"Gambit Gaming (formerly Moscow Five) has been at the top of the League of Legends scene for years. When the main roster was acquired by the Moscow Five organization in December 2011, the team was already off to a hot start,."



Royal Club Huang Zu by Fox112

"Royal Club Huang Zu (often shortened to Royal Club) is the top seeded team representing China at worlds. Originally formed in 2012, the team would go through various roster changes before settling on their current lineup..."



 - SKTT1 by HunterKiller

 "SKTT1 is the third Korean team to be attending the World Championships stage, the region securing a third spot after their crushing 2-0 victory over the Chinese LPL at Allstars last May. SKTT1 is a longtime powerhouse in the Korean E-sports scene, having players dominate both Broodwar and Starcraft 2. There League of Legends team is no different, forming rather recently in early 2013, but has proven highly sucessfull since, notably their pickup of the amateur midlaner, Faker."

Southeast Asia:

- Mineski by Rampant 

 "Team Mineski is a squad from the Phillipines that has had moderate success in their home country and in regional tournaments. They've won their monthly self-titled GIGABYTE Mineski Pro Gaming League, which pits the top teams of the Phillipines against each other, every month since June, and came in second in their national qualifiers."

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau:

 - Gamania Bears by Rampant

"The Gamania Bears weren't amazing for much of Season 3, generally seen as a middle of the road Taiwanese team. Coming into regionals, people expected that AHQ, the team that had won the Garena Premier League and came in second in the TeSL, would be seeded into the Round of Eight."


North America:

- Vulcun by Roscoe

"Regardless of the reason, Team Vulcun has proven that they can be one of the top three teams in North America and compete at the Season 3 World Championship."

- TSM by Roscoe

"Finishing the Summer Split with 14 wins and 14 losses, TSM wasn’t the same team that won the Spring Split playoffs. Weeks one and two left TSM winning and losing left and right in no particular pattern, trying to get their bearings and get comfortable with the new teams in the Summer Split."

- Cloud 9 HyperX by Roscoe

"The name Cloud 9 was an appropriate choice for the newly formed challenger team looking to make it into the LCS. After taking the promotion tournament by storm under the name Quantic Gaming, the euphoric Cloud 9 dominated the North American LCS Summer Split, and qualified for the quarterfinals of the World Championships."


International Wildcard:

- Gaming by Garamor

"Gaming were the winners of the International Wildcard Tournament. Formed in 2012, the Lithuanian-based team has constantly been a top tier threat in the European amateur scene, but unfortunately never managed to qualify for the European LCS."

Interviews - Taking a closer look

- Rampant interviews Mineski


Analytical Articles - Delving Deeper

- Pros to Watch at Worlds Part 1: Mids by anadikulkarni


Our crew and myself will be at Worlds this year so stay tuned for more content!