Imaqtpie gives his opinion on PAX, Worlds, itemization and LoL as an eSport



Fri 20th Sep 2013 - 5:35pm

Between the daily World Championship matches in LA, I was able to have a talk with Team Dignitas AD Carry Michael 'Imaqtpie' Santana. QT gives his insight on the team's play at PAX, his thoughts on various champions and League of Legends as an eSport.

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Do matches at events (MLG/PAX) versus in the LCS studio change the way you or the team plays or picks? Why or why not?

Imaqtpie: Live events do nothing to change what we do as a team, I think everyone on this team has played enough in front of a crowd to not be phased by it (maybe idno).


When Team Dignitas lost the first game at PAX against Curse, what changed before or during games two and three to cause such a turnaround?

Imaqtpie: Pretty much just told the team to stop making questionable plays. We have a problem with thinking "do you guys think this dive will work on kass?" Rule #1 is if you have to question a play, it's probably a bad play.


In the first game against Cloud9 at playoffs it seemed like they were allowed their comfort picks that have a high rate for success like Balls, Sneaky’s and Lemonnation’s 100% winrate champions, what was the thought process behind the bans?

Imaqtpie: Their comfort picks don't matter at all, we know how to play against those kinds of champions since they have been playing them for a while. Bad teamplay and me getting rekd mid cost us that game.


Both Cloud9 and Vulcun used the Ashe, Zyra combo against you at PAX. Is it something that works well against Team Dignitas or just well in general and why?

Imaqtpie: Ashe zyra is just a lane that can't really lose in a straight 2v2, the lane is defensive and forces you to dive on them to force but with volley/plants its almost always a losing fight. The lane is good just boring.


We see Patoy support with Fiddlesticks very often, what do you think of his choice?

Imaqtpie: Fiddlesticks is nice, high CC and decent damage if range allows it, I think he's more situational but he really likes the pick so it's fine with me.


What needed to change for Team Dignitas to have beaten Vulcun in the playoffs?

Imaqtpie: I don't really remember the match but I know that we just have problems with teamplay.


Is that something that applies to other teams as well, or just Vulcun?

Imaqtpie: Yep we have troubles with decision making and shot-calling.


What will you be doing with your break before Season 4?

Imaqtpie: Visiting lisha. :^)

What’s something that you need to improve on before the Spring Split?

Imaqtpie: Just improve as a team, we have a lot of simple problems but we haven't fixed them yet.


What do you think that Team Dignitas needs to improve on as a whole before the next Split?

Imaqtpie: Communication, most people dont talk and having to ask for every single thing without responses can become a problem.

What do you feel went well for the team during the games at PAX?

Imaqtpie: Crumbz did very well from how he was playing before, sadly it wasnt enough, but hey good job buddy :^)


How do you think Vulcun and TSM will do having to fight out of the groups stages? And Cloud9 in the quarterfinals?

Imaqtpie: I think NA will do better than people expect.

Where do you think League of Legends as an eSport is going with growing aspects like the LCS, worlds and All-Stars? Will it last or is it just a longer lasting trend?

Imaqtpie: I think League is doing pretty well for itself, of course nothing lasts forever but I think it's still got plenty of life in it.

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Riot is still fiddling with Draven’s passive in the 3.11 patch, but what would you do to make him Draven-tastic, without reverting to the old passive?

Imaqtpie: Pls Riot the passive right now is just wat, it rewards snowballing with more snowball and gives nothing if you don't get kills. At least allow it to give gold on assist, or if you want to try a new passive make it something where damage ramps up based on how many axes you catch consecutively that hit a champion. This passive would reward stupid aggro play which is a Draven cornerstone.


In your vlog you mentioned that you like Graves, but that you need to find your champion. Ezreal was banned against you very often at playoffs, was Ezreal that champion or have you found it yet?

Imaqtpie: I just like playing Ezreal because hes fun, there aren't many fun AD Carries. I like Vayne also so maybe we will see more of her. :^)


What AD Carry/Marksman do you think needs the most rework currently, and in what way?

Imaqtpie: Sivir, honestly if they just gave her 25 or 50 more range she would probably be broken. She is a very good champion just so short range that its very situational (very situational means never).


Patch 3.10a nerfed BotRK’s range and active cool down, do you think that’s enough to make it less viable competitively or just slightly weaker?

Imaqtpie: Just slightly weaker, it honestly didnt change much. The champs that benefited from it don't care about it having short range and longer cooldowns just means you have to use it better then just spamming.


Any shoutouts?

Imaqtpie: shoutouts to my girl, fans and Team Dignitas's sponsors for all their support.


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