dignitas/Imaqtpie on Season 4, the LCS, and Heimerdonger Rework



Wed 30th Oct 2013 - 8:22pm

Michael 'Imaqtpie' Santana has been the AD Carry for Team Dignitas for the last two years. In that time he has established himself as one of the top ADCs in North America. During the LCS he has shown proficiency on a variety of champions especially Graves and Ezreal, two of his favorite ADCs. He is also known for coining the infamous "Raise your Dongers" phrase on his highly popular stream. Along with the rest of Team Dignitas, he is only hoping to improve in Season 4 and continue to be one of the top teams in NA.


You’re known for your pretty large fanbase and popular stream. What is the craziest thing a fan has done or said to you?

Imaqtpie: Surprisingly enough I've never had a fan do something too crazy or anything, they are great people and I love them for that :^)

Like last season, Riot is talking about gold income and warding for supports right now. As an ADC, do you prefer your support to just be a ward-bot or do you like supports who sacrifice a bit of vision to pick up some items?

Imaqtpie: I prefer supports that are ward bots, if supports start getting a bunch of items you are going to see a lot more support ap carries like annie who 2 shot me...


Other than support items and gold, what’s an item or income-related change you’d like to see in Season 4?

Imaqtpie: Change executioner calling to stop existing because it's a terrible item, I dont know the niche it's supposed to fill but it definitely doesn't do it.


What would you like to see changed about the current Meta as far as lanes and team compositions go?

Imaqtpie: Bruiser bottom lane instead of ADC, bruisers so much fun to play because you don't need to care about anything you just run into the enemy team and do whatever.


There have been many complaints about the current format of the LCS, especially how much the playoffs matter compared to the regular season. Do you think the LCS format should be changed? If so, what kind of format would you like to see?

Imaqtpie: I don't think the format for LCS neeeds to be changed, theres not much they can do to make the regular season an incentive since you only play it to make it to playoffs.


There has been discussion about lack of international tournaments since the LCS started. Do you think World Championships is enough international play for teams, or that there should be more international tournaments?

Imaqtpie: I'd love for more international events, since I've been playing this game competitively for so long the thing that I can say I loved the most was traveling around playing, more international tournaments I think would be great for everyone.


If NA has its own original Meta such as the European split push or Chinese dive Meta, what is it?

Imaqtpie: Not giving a fuck is our meta god bless the USA.



What champions do you expect to fall out of favor or become popular soon? Which champion would you like to see getting more play time?

Imaqtpie: Lee, annie, syndra, nid, leblanc, shyvana, lucian, jinx, probably more champions that will be played but I can't think right now. Champs I would like to see played are sivir and urgot, these champions are the epitome of what an ADC should be.


At the beginning of Season 3, the popularity and itemization for bruisers worried some people that ADC’s would become a non-essential role. Do you think there’s the potential for any of the current roles to become unimportant in Season 4?

Imaqtpie: I think ADC is important but not as much of a necessity as people think, the thing with ADC is their early-mid game are useless and if riot keeps introducing things like dorans shield and changes masteries I could definitely see ADC being phased out.


Do you think there are a lot of players in relegation or promotion who are skilled enough to play with the top teams in the LCS? Who would you like to see joining the LCS next split?

Imaqtpie: I would rate locodoco as the best ADC I've ever seen play personally, love to see quantic make it into the LCS.


What are you doing in your break between splits? Do you feel like you’re preparing as much as other players for the next LCS split?

Imaqtpie: I just keep on keeping on, I do nothing but play video games so nothing has really changed. I don't know what other players are doing so maybe?


You’re pretty well known for playing Heimerdinger. Do you think his rework will make him more powerful? Did it change his playstyle? Do you think he will become popular after the rework? What do you think about Heimerdinger becoming a more commonly played champion?

Imaqtpie: I think the heimer rework is going to turn him into a god, get ready kids cause you're about to see heimer in every single game. Mark my words.


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What do you think of Jinx so far? Will she be popular competitively? What is her core item build for you? (Update: check out his Jinx guide!)

Imaqtpie: I think Jinx is pretty good, definitely see competitive play. I like to build BT statik or IE statik


Any shoutouts?

Imaqtpie: Shoutout to my mom, my dad, Lisha, lishas dog dolly, my sponsors who you can see on the team dignitas website at, and me since I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me being such a god damn beast.