Team Dignitas announces roster and plan for LCS Season 4 Spring Split



Tue 17th Dec 2013 - 10:04pm

This weekend we saw the Team Dignitas League of Legends roster in action for the first time since the Season 3 LCS tournament ended. A lot of people were excited to see our new top laner CruzerTheBruzer in action, as well as seeing KiWiKiD take on the Support role. Unfortunately Team Dignitas did not manage to take home the victory and instead received a cold shower with a 0-2 defeat.

However, for the team this event was the perfect opportunity to find out where they currently stand and what needs to be done in order to get back in shape for the 2014 LCS split. Following our match against Alliance, the team had a meeting to discuss their 2014 roster and training regime.

Regarding the roster, we came to the following conclusion: the lineup, as it is now, is stable and the team synergy is at a high. Every player on our lineup has the motivation to do whatever it takes to shape up and become a threat in the NA LCS once again. Therefore, our team will not make any changes before the LCS Season 4 Spring Split: we will keep KiWiKiD as Support and CruzerTheBruzer as Top Laner.

The Team Dignitas LoL lineup for LCS Season 4 is:

Cruz 'Cruzerthebruzer' Ogden - Top
Alberto 'Crumbz' Rengifo - Jungle
William 'Scarra' Li - Mid
Michael 'Imaqtpie' Santana - AD Carry
Alan 'KiWiKiD' Nguyen - Support


However, the team is fully aware that the only acceptable direction to go is up, back to the top of LCS which they held for several weeks during early Season 3. Therefore, the team will commit to a more intense training regime and aim to improve their individual skills. To address the team issues we currently have, the team decided to fly in their Norwegian LoL Analyst Erling 'Vlanitak' Krohn to live with the team in our LA gaming house starting January. With a full-time coach living in the house, the team is confident they will be able to sort out their problems.

Team captain William 'Scarra' Li had the following to say: "After a poor showing at Battle of the Atlantic, we've decided that rather than do a roster change, we're going to utilize our 6th man more effectively. This means we're flying out our analyst starting january to live with us full time at the dig house so we can be fully prepared going into this LCS season."

We're looking forward to show you a new and improved Team Dignitas during the LCS Season 4 split. Thanks to all the fans for their support and we will definitely keep you updated.