Team Dignitas Player Spotlight: Scarra



Thu 23rd Jan 2014 - 8:13pm

Welcome to the Team Dignitas Player Spotlight, where we take the time to highlight the heart and soul of Team Dignitas, our players. The player we're going to look at today is the mid laner for Team Dignitas' North American League of Legends squad, William 'Scarra' Li.


Scarra hails from Houston, Texas, where he attends Texas A&M as an economics major. Known for his informative streams, Scarra is also famous for his attempted placement of wards in the botlane tri-bush. Scarra is well known for his Katarina, Gragas, Zed and Diana, but recently he has been known to play Yasuo in solo queue.


Most Notable Achievements

- 2nd place IEM Season VI World Championship
- 1st place
 Solomid NA Invitational 5/IGN ProLeague Elites (2012)
- 2nd place
 Season 2 NA Regionals
- Qualified
for Season 2 World Championships
- 4th place
 Season 3 NA Regionals
- 3rd place
with NA All-Star team



As one of the longest standing veterans in the League of Legends pro scene, Scarra has been a rock solid player for the past four years. Beginning his play in beta, Scarra quickly became known for his high level Katarina play and became a part of the inaugural roster of Rock Solid in Season 1. With that team he played in tournaments like the Newegg Winter Wanfest and IEM Season VI in New York until the Rock Solid squad was picked up by Team Dignitas in Pre-Season 2. 

Season 2 saw Scarra traveling both nationally and internationally to play with Team Dignitas in tournaments like IEM Season VI World Championships, IGN ProLeague Season 4 - Las Vegas and MLG Pro Circuit/Spring, helping the team achieve second, third and third respectively. Towards the end of the season he played with Team Dignitas in the North American Regionals at Pax Prime, placing second and receiving an invitation to later play in Riot Games' Season 3 League of Legends Championship Series.

Soon after LCS play ended, Scarra was voted as the mid laner for the North American All-Star team. Along with Saintvicious, Dyrus, Xpecial and Doublelift, he traveled to Shanghai, China, in order to compete against other All-Star teams from around the globe. Tying for third with the team from Garena, Scarra and the other All-Stars were able to beat out the team from the European LCS.

In the preseason before the 2014 Spring Split, Scarra played against Froggen in the mid lane as Team Dignitas and Alliance clashed in the Battle of the Atlantic. Although Team Dignitas lost, North America was able to capitalize on key victories and emerged victorious overall. 

Now we find ourselves on the cusp of the Season 4 LCS Spring Split! As we watch Scarra and Team Dignitas compete with the best in North America, keep up with the team mid laner through his tweets and his stream.


Quick Facts
- Scarra's highest elo: Challenger
- As a seven year old, Scarra once made a nine year old cry by beating him in the Pokemon Trading Card Game using a Magikarp deck
- Scarra is known for his success on champions with resets, check out his shirt!


Cool Video Clips
- Scarra has a specific section of brush named after him
- Scarra achieving a pentakill in Solo Queue as Fizz
- Scarra and Crumbz taking control of a Solo Queue game
- Scarra playing Teemo before it was cool


Social Media

Twitter: @dscarra
Twitch: Scarra's Stream


More information on Scarra's shirt