Interview with Team Dignitas after playing XDG and Evil Geniuses



Sun 26th Jan 2014 - 2:45pm

After yesterday's victories against both XDG and Evil Geniuses we sat down with our team on the couch of our LA gaming house for a relaxing celebration interview. We'll be doing these every week so stay tuned for more and enjoy the read or watch the original video interview.


So we went 2-0 today, what happened in the games?

Crumbz: We got destroyed in the early game against XDG and then they bounced it back off us and we won.

Scarra: Yup, I played terribly in that XDG game, that's pretty much like half of it.

Imaqtpie: I played pretty well.


So we won both games with Annie, Jinx and Ziggs. Are these champions just that strong?

Crumbz: Yes.

Scarra: I think they're pretty good.

Imaqtpie: Next question.

Cruzer: No they are not.

KiWiKid: yeah we didn't win the games too easy so...

Imaqtpie: Yeah we like taking terrible team compositions like Annie, Jinx, Ziggs.

Scarra: Yeah... they sound terrible on paper.


So we have our match vs CLG tomorrow, how do you think that will go?

Crumbz: We should be winning that game pretty convincingly.

Scarra: yup.

KiWiKiD: We lost last time so...

Imaqtpie: it's a revenge game.

KiWiKiD: history likes to repeats itself so we'll probably lose.

Imaqtpie: The saying is history never repeats itelf.

KiWiKiD: History always repeats itself, that's why there were 2 world wars.


Scarra mentioned in the Riot interview that you guys should not be at a ten-hype, but at a five. Can you explain that a bit more?

Imaqtpie: no.

Scarra: When we are really hyped up we suicide, so we found out the more effective strategy is not be hyped up and not suicide.

Crumbz: Yeah if you get overexcited you get overzealous and then we think we can do whatever we feel like which is not true and we lose. So if we don't get excited and stay focused...

Cruzer: You can get excited Qtpie.

Imaqtpie: Haha that's a really good one, I was thinking the exact same, you really got me with that one Cruzer.

KiWiKiD: Yeah gotta stay as a five not a ten... *looks at Scarra* You know what I mean... *Looks at Qtpie* You know what I mean Qt?

Imaqtpie: Shut up.


So, we winning tomorrow?

Scarra: Of course.

Imaqtpie: No.

Crumbz: Yes.

Cruzer: It depends... *gets interrupted by everyone shouting 'oh god' and the interview ends*


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