Team Dignitas welcomes Mylixia as League of legends life coach



Tue 18th Feb 2014 - 8:41pm

After the addition of a League of Legends analyst we are now happy to announce the addition of a life coach to our League of Legends division. Twitch entertainer and motivational speaker Mylixia will be in charge of improving the team development of our LCS NA squad as the Team Dignitas life coach.

With an analyst assisting the team's in-game performance and a life coach assisting the players outside the game, we hope to reach new heights and finish the 2014 season with a spot in the World Championships.

We're looking forward to working with Mylixia and would like to give him a warm welcome into our organisation.


Mylixia wanted to share the following:

E-Sports is a growing, innovative, and rapidly changing field where new ideas pioneer a dynamic and competitive industry every day. Some of the greatest minds in business are developing strong footholds in the field and one of the most capable organizations to succeed in breaking ground within this industry is Team Dignitas. Team Dignitas is populated by success-driven and extremely sharp individuals whom I strongly believe have the potential to help define e-sports in the coming years of this critical time in the market.

It is thus my honor to announce my direct involvement with Team Dignitas as life coach to the premier League of Legends team and as a personal / business development consultant and manager to the organization as a whole. I have devoted my life to finding what it takes to bring out the motivation and potential in individuals and organizations to excel beyond all expectations. This journey has taken me through years of public speaking, counseling, and small organization development; Skills I trust shall be critically important to Team Dignitas in the coming months.

Many of you are aware of me through my popular Twitch.TV channel and Youtube presence in the League of Legends scene. Others may know my professional background in organizational development, motivational speaking, and life enrichment for many years past. I fully intend to utilize every skill I have at my disposal to be a part of Team Dignitas' success.

I inherently believe in the infinite potential of all beings. I have been impressed by both pro-players within Team Dignitas and the management behind them in my work with the group over the last month. I believe Team Dignitas unequivocally has what it takes to  raise the bar and excel as a huge presence in the e-sports industry. It is an immeasurable honor to be a part of that journey.

My participation in this top-class organization would not be possible without the belief and assistance from Serina, Crumbzz, and ODEE. Additionally, I would be no one at all without the fantastic and incredible community standing beside me at the MCast Twitch.TV channel. Thank you friends and allies for the sincerity of your belief in my abilities, and I will strive to bring my best to Team Dignitas and all the ventures to come.

To your strength and empowerment,