Interview with Crumbz on Season 4 jungle and meta changes, shotcalling, and the state of NA



Thu 20th Mar 2014 - 7:26pm

Alberto 'Crumbz' Rengifo has been jungling for Team Dignitas since 2012, after playing for Curse. Throughout his time on the team Crumbz has established himself as a versatile and dangerous jungle, especially for his Lee Sin. Coming into Season 4 he has worked to adapt to the new changes to the jungle and lead Team Dignitas into the top North American teams.

We sat down with him to talk about the recent competition, his new role as shotcaller and more.



The Season 4 changes have created a massive shift in the meta, with the rise of hyper tanks in top lane, carry junglers, and all kinds of supports. What do you think of the current state of the jungle and its champion pool?

Crumbz: I think the jungle is in a great spot right now. The jungle items make for a large variety of jungle champions to be able to be played at a competitive level. Everyone is just too scared to expand to unorthodox champion picks and strategies.


Why have previous junglers like Jarvan, Zac and Volibear fallen out of favor for champions like Pantheon and Wukong? Was it only the item and gold changes that made them strong junglers?

Crumbz: The reason these junglers have been replaced is that not only have they been nerfed, but they are outclassed in the damage department, something that is quite important in the current meta.


How have you personally adapted to the Jungle changes? Do you think it suits your playstyle more?

Crumbz: I have always had a giant champion pool, so I like being able to play as many champions as my heart desires. It definitely makes jungling easier. But standing out as an exceptional jungler harder.


How do you feel about the growing amount of cross-region movement in the pro scene, with players like Dexter and Bjergsen and entire teams like LMQ and EG coming to North America?

Crumbz: I think having players move across regions is healthy to the game's competitive growth. Just as long as it's in moderation of course.


Team Dignitas is sitting at fourth place in North America right now, but has shown that they are capable of competing with the top teams. What do you think it will take to crack the top three?

Crumbz: Teamfighting. Our teamfighting needs to improve and once that's settled we can go places.


League of Legends is continually to grow rapidly as an E-Sport, with the season 3 world championship being held at the Staples Center. What do you think is the next big step for both League and E-Sports?

Crumbz: Well the next big step is obviously season 4 world championships being held in korea, which is considered the pinnacle of esports. Once we are able to compete there I do not know what the next big step is.


What do you think of the other junglers in North America? How do you rank among them?

Crumbz: I think I am top 3. Junglers are often quite dependent on their lanes, a lot of subtle jungle pressure and moves slips by the audience's eyes and the laners end up receiving all the credit. When is the last time you saw a jungler being commended on their ward placement when off camera?


Shotcalling and team communication have been a big focus for NA teams this season. How does shotcalling on Team Dignitas work?

Crumbz: I still need to work a lot on it, especially during scrims. It can be a bit difficult to stay 100% focused during every game.


As with many other professional teams, Team Dignitas recently picked up an analyst, Vlanitak. What does he do to help the team continue to improve?

Crumbz: He helps in identifying our mistakes and how to fix them. As well as with developing ideas He also brings structure to the house.


There has been discussion about the LCS Spring split being irrelevant, as long as you don’t get relegated. Do you think the Spring Split is important?

Crumbz: Of course the spring split is important, it ensures you stay for the next one, it allows you to learn for the next split as well as have the honor of saying you are the best team in NA, AND get to go to all stars, so yeah, it matters.


Any final remarks or shout-outs?

Crumbz: Thanks to Team Dignitas and it's sponsors, Riot Games, League fans and my fans.