Interview with Team Dignitas' new mid laner, goldenglue



Sat 29th Mar 2014 - 2:50pm

Currently a junior in highschool, Greyson 'goldenglue' Gilmer chose to shift his efforts from football to League of Legends, while keeping up with his schoolwork. Team Dignitas noticed that effort, and decided to take him on as our new mid laner. Hailing from the same state of Texas as his forerunner Scarra and our support KiWiKiD, goldenglue is taking up a mantle that has stayed unchanged from the team’s founding until now.


How did you come to be the new mid laner for Team Dignitas?

goldenglue: It was this Sunday actually. I hadn't talked to them in a while, and Crumbz messaged me, and started off saying 'hey are you streaming?' And so you always know it's going to be something juicy when someone messages you that. So I had my fingers crossed, maybe once in a million he'll ask me to sub at best, and he just asked me if I wanted to fly out to California this weekend. I'm jumping on my chair, I of course accepted, and after that there was all of the paperwork. I had to tell my old teammates, which kind of sucked because I didn't want to ditch them, but this is an opportunity I would not miss.


The first champion you achieved a pentakill was on Katarina, and Gragas is your most played champion. Is it coincidence that you take after Scarra, or has he influenced you at all?

goldenglue: He definitely has influenced me, we have similar playstyles, but maybe the reason is that I just love getting kills and resets, which equals more kills. So I would say he definitely influenced me, but that's just how I like to play.


What are you studying & how have you been able to balance your school life and League of Legends life?

goldenglue: I'm still in highschool, I'm not studying anything. I'm a junior in highschool, I still have a year and a half left, or a year and a quarter. I'm in all advanced classes except for one, and I'm doing fine. I have all A's and a few B's every now and then. So how I balance it is pretty much when I'm at school I just focus at school and do the work there. Then when I'm home, whenever we scrim, I'll never do homework at the same time, I'll just focus on League when I need to focus on League. And if I have any extra time, I'll sometimes study or sometimes if I don't have to study, I'll just play more league up to like six or seven hours after school.


What did you take away from your time with Complexity Red?

goldenglue: I took a lot of stuff that I learned, that was my first real professional team. I learned how important it is to listen to other people, even if you think you're right. Just to let other people talk when they want to talk, even if you think they're completely wrong, it's really important to understand where they're trying to come from. And obviously I learned a lot of stuff in game, but that's all un-interesting.


How has the training before this week’s matches with the team?

goldenglue: So far I've loved it. The communication is really good, I think the players are all really good, they're all really funny and they're easy to get along with, and our practices have been going pretty good.


How confident are you going ahead of your first week of LCS?

goldenglue: I'm pretty confident, but I'm not overconfident or underconfident, I'm in a decent place. I really just want to make a big impact and fill Scarra's shoes, which are really big. I really just want to make everyone proud that I'm the new mid laner for Dignitas.


Do you have any personal goals for LCS?

goldenglue: I personally really want to go 2-0, or at least get my first win, I really want to win this weekend. And I really want to just play really good, that's all I want.


Your name, goldenglue, came from your time in a Call of Duty clan. Was it your hair or something else that inspired it?

goldenglue: It's not really anything interesting. My friend's name, for some reason, has always been Goldenstaple. Then one day at lunch everyone said 'we should all change our name to Golden and then something else.' I don't see why no one else took goldenglue, because that just sounds the best to me because it's two G's and my initials are G.G.G. It was an easy pick for me, and ever since then I've always picked it because no one ever takes the name goldenglue.


All office supplies?

goldenglue: Yeah there was Goldenholepuncher, Goldenstaple, Goldenmarker. It was ridiculous.

katarina splash

What have you heard about Qtpie’s hair?

goldenglue: Oh god, I can't wait to see it in person. You can see all the pictures you want, but I just want to see what it really looks like. Like will it be longer than my body? I don't understand how big it is. But I'm not just excited about that, to meet the whole team.


What do you think of the rune balance changes?

goldenglue: I looked at it a little bit, and it looks like armor runes aren't going to be as mandated as they are right now. Since every hero has auto attacks, and minions all do physical damage, it's pretty much mandatory that you have armor runes so you don't get bullied too much in lane. I was thinking more gold per 5 could be more viable on supports now. It's definitely going to open up a lot more strategies, it's not like a mandated nine armor seals every game. That was the biggest thing that I saw.


Will you be changing your rune pages at all?

goldenglue: Oh yeah, I'll definitely be. Scarra helped me a lot with my runes and masteries, he knows the ins and outs of all of that. I'll probably collaborate with him and make a nifty page.


What games or activities do you do outside of League of Legends?

goldenglue: I used to play football, but I just quit recently because I wanted to do more schoolwork and not be so tired every day. I'm in math UIL, but I haven't been able to go to too many of the competitions because of League of Legends and outside commitments. I like to just hang out with friends really, and play other games. I'm pretty much always playing a game. If I'm not hanging out with friends, I'm playing some kind of game.

Any shoutouts?

goldenglue: Shoutout to my Twitter, it's @dig_goldenglue, my Twitch is Shoutout to my mom for being pretty cool about this, and my dad, they're both being pretty cool about this. To ODEE and Crumbz, they helped me a lot, Crumbz is the guy who messaged me, and Scarra he's pretty much my mentor now, he's helped me a lot. And finally shoutout to all of Team Dignitas' sponsors, thanks for doing what you do.


Thanks again for the interview goldenglue, and good luck!

goldenglue streams on the weekends, check him out here, and follow him on Twitter @dig_goldenglue. Want updates on my League of Legends articles, blogs and interviews? Follow me @robertwery.