Interview with Shiphtur on the upcoming LCS split and joining Team Dignitas



Tue 6th May 2014 - 8:00pm

After the recent changes in our League of Legends lineup we decided to have a chat with the man who will be replacing William 'Scarra' Li in our mid lane, Danny 'Shiphtur' Le. Team Dignitas' interviewer Erin 'Yuka' Bower spoke to Shiphtur about his thoughts when being relegated, about joining Team Dignitas and his expectations of the upcoming LCS split.

Why do you want to join Team Dignitas?

Shiphtur: Team Dignitas is a really prestigious organisaton, so it's already an honor just to be on Team Dignitas. And the players... the player talent on this team is unreal, and I think we can definitely go to Worlds if we try our hardest.

Was it a shock to be relegated with Team Coast?

Shiphtur: It was definitely a shock, but I personally think I really underpreformed, so I took it really hard. It wasn't a shock, I wasn't surprised, you know, if someone plays bad you kind of deserve to lose. So... it was a shock that I played bad, I guess you could say that.

What would you say was going through your head when the final nexus blew?

Shiphtur: A lot of things, you know. Like, this could have been my last game of professional League. So I was really really lucky to be picked up by Team Dignitas.

What were your plans before possibly signing with Team Dignitas?

Shiphtur: I was just going to wait like a week or two to see if I got any offers from any LCS teams. I don't think I was willing to do the Challenger scene at all, so if I didn't get any offers I probably would have just gone back home and done school.

What were you studying at school?

Shiphtur: I was studying Business.

Oh, neat. And were there any other teams that approached you at any point?

Shiphtur: There were some teams, but we didn't really go into detail or into further discussion with other teams.

In a previous interview with Scarra, he mentioned that he actually became good friends with you. So are you looking forward to hanging out with him being your new coach?

Shiphtur: Yeah, I talk to Scarra a lot, like we talk about League non stop. So I'm definitely looking forward to working closely with him and seeing how much he can make me improve.

In the news post announcing your trade, you spoke of some interesting personalities. Were you referring to anyone in particular?

Shiphtur: Oh... I think when ever you refer to an interesting personality, you always have to refer to QTPie. So, yeah, it was definitely a hidden message but it was definitely referring to QTPie. But that's not to say, you know, KiWiKid, he's a really stand-up guy and Scarra, he's probably one of the most notable personalities on Dig.

So you're looking forward to hanging out in the house then?

Shiphtur: Yeah for sure!

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When you played against Pr0lly in the relegation matches, he consistently kept you on your toes. How do you plan to beat him in the first match of the summer split against Complexity?

Shiphtur: I think I'll be completely fine in the first match against Complexity. I think I was having a really off day, and I wasn't in the right mindset. So I think I'll have a much stronger showing in this Complexity match. But in terms of preparation I think, you know I'm on a break right now, so I just need to clear my head and go into this split strong.

In the next week, in week 2, Team Dignitas is going to be going up against LMQ. So how do you think you'll measure up against XiaoWeiXiao?

Shiphtur: I'm really good friends with everyone in LMQ actually, even though they're not too good in English. I talk to them a lot. I even talk to WeiXiao, he's like another Scarra to me, we talk about the game too. In terms of skill, I think we're about even. WeiXiao, he's a really good player. I think it's going to be a lot of kills in mid lane.

For you or for him?

Shiphtur: It could go either way. I'm hoping for me!

A lot of players are talking about going to Worlds, and hopefully winning Worlds as well. So what are you hoping to do to be able to achieve that goal?

Shiphtur: At the moment, I think, I just have to figure out how to play the game better. That's as simple as it is. I think playing on Coast, we had obvious rotational errors. Our laning was always pretty good. But I think on Dig, if I learn how to just play the map better, you know, learn about rotatons more, and learn about the game in general, then I could affect the game a lot more, and hopefully that'll pull us through to Worlds.

Setting botlane aside, who do you think Crumbzz is going to be ganking more? You or ZionSpartan?

Shiphtur: I think, it's kind of weird, the meta in the top lane is weird right now. That midlane is kind of a support-y role... or well, it can be a support-y role, depends what you play. But for the most part, it's mid and jungle who kind of set up everything for every other lane. Crumbzz doesn't necessarily have to gank mid, but if we can control vision better than the opposing mid/jungle's duo, then we can make plays top and make plays bot. It really just depends.

What is your favourite Subway?

Shiphtur: Oh my god... I am so sick of Subway! There was a Subway down the street from our house when I was in the Coast house. You had that like every single week. I'm just so sick of Subway, I don't even want to answer this question...

What did you used to eat at Subway?

Shiphtur: I got the Spicy Italian. On Italian Herbs and Cheese. And I never want to get it again.

We have one question from Reddit. It's from Naturalz. He wants to know what your opinion is on how you and Crumbzz are going to match up against the likes of Amazing/Bjergsen, Dexter/Link and Meteos/Hai.

Shiphtur: I'm not sure, because I haven't seen much of Amazing at all. But in terms in mid-line, me and Bjergsen play really similar styles. We like to play assassins, and a lot of our strengths just come from winning lane. And Crumbzz is just naturally a really aggressive jungler. I think honestly, in LCS, me and Crumbzz will probably be the most aggressive mid/jungler duo out of any other team.

So do you reckon you guys will hopefully be more aggressive than Dexter/Link and Meteos/Hai?

Shiphtur: Yep.

Have you got any shout-outs that you'd like to do?

Shiphtur: Yeah, shout out to my fans for their continued support for my move from Coast to Dig. And to all of the sponsors from Team Dignitas. And yeah... hope you guys keep supporting me!