Jatt: "We are feeling quite strong"



Wed 16th Nov 2011 - 10:15pm

This weekend we will see our League of Legends squad attend MLG Providence. The team managed to grab a ticket through the online qualifier having reached the semi final and thus being one of the four finalists who get to play at MLG Providence.

Before they hop on the plane we had a chat with jungler Joshua 'Jatt' Leesman´╗┐ and asked him about his thoughts on the upcoming event.

MLG Providence is this weekend, how are you feeling about this event? What are your expectations?

Jatt: We are feeling quite strong coming into the event. We have a successful history against TSM and Epic Gamer heading into this weekend. As long as we keep focused and communicate well in games I think we have a really strong chance of winning.

You won all your matches in the Rampage Cup, does this give you more confidence for MLG?

Jatt: Sweeping rampage does give us alot of confidence; however, you have to keep in mind how long that tournament stretched. There were several different patches, and online events are quite different from LANs, so it gives us confidence but we can't read too far into the results from rampage for future results.

iem(Jatt in the middle during an interview)

Very true. Your initial opponent, CLG, has been disqualified and replaced by RFLX. Will this affect your play style if you face RFLX first? For example, will you save any special lineups for the later matches now?

Jatt: RFLX obviously does not have the same pedigree that CLG has, so we will prepare for them differently. With that being said we have never played against RFLX so there is a higher chance they will catch us off guard. League of legends is a much more volitile game than people realize, so we will have to be on our toes against all opponents.

With that being said, if we feel comfortable playing standard comps against RFLX on saturday we will go with that, and save our special comps for the finals, but that has nothing to do with RFLX, it's just a matter of saving the best for last.

How do you feel about the two new champions (Graves and Shyvana) being played? Do you think they will  affect the game much?

Jatt: I think three of the last 4 champions released will see considerable play (Skarner, Xerath, Graves) are all extremely strong and may even see alot of bans and first picks. Riot has tried to make very unique champions recently, and that has caused alot of them to be slightly OP in the hands of a skillfull player.


To wrap things up, can you give any tips to the readers on how to be a good jungler?

Jatt: Compared to laners, the jungler has substantially more time to look over the map and survey the game. Because of that, the jungler should naturally be able to make general movement calls for the team.

Aside from that, a good jungler needs to have as much control over the game as possible. He needs to be able to pressure lanes and keep the other team scared and on their toes.

I like to accomplish this by playing junglers who can clear the jungle exceptionally fast or junglers who have extremely strong ganking potential´╗┐.

jatt2(Jatt during a signing session)

Alright, that was all. Best of luck at MLG! Any shoutouts?

Jatt:  I'd like to give a shoutout to all the fans and also to Team Dignitas and its sponsors.