Zionspartan talks about team progress, preparing for playoffs and top lane meta



Sat 26th Jul 2014 - 3:06pm

Darshan 'ZionSpartan' Upadhyaha joined Team Dignitas at the beginning of the Summer 2014 split along with his teammate Shiphtur. Together they had established themselves as two of the best solo laners in North America and their addition sent Team Dignitas to the top of NA.

After faltering recently and experiencing a losing streak, Team Dignitas rallied to defeat EG. Zionspartan spoke to us about the losing streak, breaking it, and their plans for playoffs and worlds.


With almost a full season with Team Dignitas, do you think you’ve accomplished your goals as an individual and teammate you had when joining them?

ZionSpartan: I definitely feel like there is still a lot left to accomplish, especially seeing as we were tied for first for most of the split and are currently 5th. My goal, regardless of whatever team I am on, is to finish first, and anything less leaves a burning desire in my heart to strive for victory even more.


What did it take as a team to break the recent losing streak?

ZionSpartan: We just had to improve on the same mistakes we were repeatedly making and get more effective practice in as a team.


What did you as an individual have to do to help break the team’s losing streak?

ZionSpartan: We didn't really focus in on the losing streak at all, I just did what I always plan to do, which is to concentrate all my efforts into being the best player and teammate I can be.


If Team Dignitas goes to worlds, what do you think you as a player would need to improve on to compete at that level?

ZionSpartan: Everything. There is no limit to what I cannot improve as an individual on this team. That in itself is very comforting to me becasue I know I have the drive to force myself to constantly improve.


What do you think the team as a whole would need to improve to compete at the world championship?

ZionSpartan: Everything.


Considering the hyper-tank meta at the beginning of season 4, how do you feel about the current state of top lane?

ZionSpartan: I personally feel that the top lane is getting more and more interesting in regards to champion pool. The only thing that somewhat frustrates me about laning in top is teleport. While teleport is a great spell to make the top laner have an impact on the rest of the game, it allows all top laners to get away with poor trades because there is no threat of ignite and you can always teleport back to lane if you get too chunked.


Do top laners from other regions differ significantly in champion pool or playstyle from NA ones?

ZionSpartan: I'd say the goal of every top laner is generally the same, but each player has their own little twist to how the position should be played. Some look to play more aggresive, others are more passive.


Where do you think you stand in comparison to other North American top laners?

ZionSpartan: I can confidently say I am a top 8 top laner in the NA LCS.


What about top laners from other regions?

ZionSpartan: I haven't played against them, so it is hard to judge how good they are in comparison to myself, but there are definitely a lot of talented top laners all over the world.


Recently you’ve been stepping in and telling the community how much respect you have for some other NA top laners like Innox and Seraph. Do you think most pros have this kind of respect for their opponents?

ZionSpartan: I think it is generally always good to respect your opponents. I have lost a competitive match before because I underestimated my opponent, so I plan to never make that mistake again.


Any final remarks or shout-outs?

ZionSpartan: Shoutout to all my friends and family for being very supportive of me, all the dignitas sponsors, and last but not least, all the heartwarming dignitas fans that never cease to brighten my day.