Interview with KiWiKiD: "We're all bloodthirsty to go to worlds, and that's all that matters."



Sat 2nd Aug 2014 - 2:57pm

As the LCS Season is drawing to a close,  I had the chance to talk to Alan 'KiWiKiD' Nguyen about how the team stands and looking ahead to Playoffs and the World Championship. Enjoy!

The team is now at a 12-12 win record, sitting in 5th place. If I'd have asked you 10 weeks ago, where were you expecting to be at this point in the season? (EDIT: this record does not consider super week results yet)

Kiwikid: I would've expected to be around 17-7, I feel like we choked a bunch of our games. I still feel extremely confident in the team.

Do you feel you can contribute some success of your success to having Scarra in a coaching position for your team?

Kiwikid: Definitely, Scarra has helped us tremendously, as well as Comely. They have been paramount in our earlier successes and persistent growth.

As spectators, we don't get to see the inner workings and practice of the team, what is Scarra like as a coach?

Kiwikid: Scarra is the humble creator that tells us we're shit and not only what we can do better, but how to do so.

What is the atmosphere like in the team right now? Are you guys feeling optimistic in your preparations for the end of the season?

Kiwikid: The atmosphere is mostly disappointed, but still enthused about playoffs. We're all bloodthirsty to go to worlds, and that's all that matters. I believe we're feeling great, but just a bit worried about the infamous dig choke.

What are you doing as a team to get into top form before Playoffs?

Kiwikid: We were playing a lot of solo queue, duo queue, and just talking about problems if we had any. Of course we still do the usual scrims.

The competition is heating up, and it'll obviously be close, but if you had to say, what teams do you think will be representing North America at Worlds?

Kiwikid: DIG, C9 and LMQ.

It's been a few weeks since Marksman itemization was overhauled. As a Support, how do you feel this changes the bot lane meta, and how have you and Qtpie adapted?

Kiwikid: The bot lane meta has shifted towards more attack speed orientated ADCs, e.g. Trist/Kog, since sustain/burst items (mainly Bloodthirster) was nerfed. Qt and I have adapted by tightening up our aggressive play, and learning the new champs as well. We duoqueue a lot more, and thus feel better with the laning.


How do you think you stand compared to other bot lanes? Do you think you could win any 2v2 or are there teams you fear more than others?

Kiwikid: I think we stand high upon the bot lane charts, though our consistency is something definitely to be worked on. When we're doin' hot, we'd win 2v2s against any team.


Team Solomid just added Lustboy to their roster. Have you had the chance to scrim TSM? What do you think about his play, and do you think it was worth it to pick him up so late in the season, with so little time to work on synergy and team play?

Kiwikid: No we have not been able to scrim TSM. I think lustboy is a solid player from what I've seen in solo queue. I think it was worth it, since TSM seemed to have internal problems previously, and internal problems out-of-game are crucial to playing the ingame well.

There have been a lot of upsets, and roster swaps, it's been a crazy split. What surprised you most?

Kiwikid: LMQ being in the 1st place surprised me the most. I thought they would taper off completely but proved to be resilient and consistent.

On the PBE, Thresh, Braum, and Nami are getting nerfs, and these changes will likely be in effect for Worlds. Are there any supports that you're predicting or hoping will make a comeback in the professional scene?

Kiwikid: I hope non-sustain supports (annie, leona) find a place back into the meta. I really enjoyed playing those bursty, initiating champions.

Is there a champion you wish you could play but your team won't let you?

Kiwikid: No, there isn't. We let each other play anything the person wishes.

Thanks for talking to me Kiwi, are there any shoutouts you'd like to make?

Kiwikid: Shoutout to our sponsors Alienware, Intel, Western Digital, SCAN, 3DSystems, iiyama, be quiet!, HyperX, Qpad, Twitch, multiplay, Creative, . and all my lovely fans, especially subs. I really appreciate the support and wouldn't be here without them!