Team Dignitas Welcomes MadCat to MW3 Squad



Sun 9th Sep 2012 - 12:21am

MW3We are happy to announce a new player has joined our Modern Warfare 3 line-up. Due to other commitments Tom 'Tommey' Trewren has departed from the squad. Manager Austin 'Scruff' Wright and the guys have taken some time to consider replacements that will best suit the squad moving forward.

So our new player is Dylan 'MadCat' Daly who comes to us from previous stints in both Western Wolves and SK Gaming, he has attended 4 LAN events in total but is learning fast. Placing 2nd with his team at the recent EGL7.

Please give him a warm welcome!


dignitasMadCat Nickname: MadCat
 Real Name: Dylan Daly
 Location: Birmingham, UK
 Age: 16

 Statement: I am more than happy about joining the team, after being teamless for some time and just filling in for events this is a major thing for me. I have the right attitudes and the best players in the scene around me to achieve the top placements. I'd like to thank the squad for the opportunity, Scruff for being the best manager I've had and seen in the scene also Team Dignitas and sponsors for being behind us and supporting us through our journey. 


Team Dignitas MW3:
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British Devante 'Ryder' Heesom-Foster
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British Dylan '
MadCat' Daly