BlinG at the IPL6 Heart of the Swarm Invitational Qualifier



Wed 20th Feb 2013 - 1:02pm

The IGN Pro League 6 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Cosmopolitan from March 28 through March 31, 2013. With only the top 4 players of the overall HotS bracket receiving spots for the Heart of the Swarm Tournament, many hopefuls are giving their best shot at the qualifiers.

In a few hours time, our very own Samayan 'BlinG' Kay will be battling it out in the IPL 6 Heart of the Swarm Tournament Open Bracket. The bracket is stacked, with many well known players taking part including Snute, WhiteRa, and HasuObs. Tune in at 16:00 CET to the live stream to cheer for Team Dignitas.




Single Elimination
Round of 16: [0:2] vs Acer Bly
Round of 32: [2:0] vs cRash
Round of 64: [1:0] vs NFerNo