dignitasBlinG on the UK Scene: "It's still got a long way to go in terms of player skill to compete with the top dogs like Sweden and Ukraine"



Wed 24th Apr 2013 - 8:06pm

 After more than a month of the release of Heart of the Swarm, and 2013 starting to be filled with SC2 tournaments, now seems to be a very good time to interview what our very own Samayan 'BlinG' Kay has to say about the new expansion and what his plans are for this year.

Hey BlinG, thanks for setting aside some time for this interview. Let’s get right to it: You’re considered to be one of the best SC2 players in the UK, making splashes in tournaments the past year and also winning the ESET UK Masters 2012. How would you describe 2012 in terms of your achievements?

BlinG: I would say it started off high, and gradually got lower and lower, which is bad and also disappointing for me, but I’m hoping to improve on that this coming year.


The UK scene is becoming bigger every year. What are your thought on the UK scene and how does it compare to the general European/American scene?

BlinG: It's getting better, which is nice. It's still got a long way to go in terms of player skill to compete with the top dogs like Sweden and Ukraine but in terms of events, ESET UK are really pushing it forward it seems, with online show matches and sponsoring the SC2 tournaments at I series, so it seems to be going in the right direction for sure.


Heart of the Swarm was released on March 12th. With over a month since its release, what do you think about the overall game compared to Wings of Liberty gameplay wise?

BlinG: It's really fun to play, so many new strategies and new things to figure out really makes it addicting to play so right now I’m really motivated to play and improve my game. At times it can also be pretty frustrating because a lot of new units are really tough to deal with and I haven't quite grasped how to deal with certain things efficiently yet, but I’m sure that will change in time as patches come out and new strategies are developed.


The new units have certainly paved a way to creating various new strategies and builds. For example, we have seen Protoss become more aggressive in the early stages thanks to the Mothership Core. Do you have a favourite build revolving around the new units?

BlinG: Not really, no, I used to like oracle openers in PvT but it seems like Terrans have already adapted to that style now and it doesn't really work anymore, so I guess I'll just have to figure out some other stuff.


 Skytoss (a strategy based around Protoss units i.e. void rays, tempests etc.) has been considered very strong for a while now. What are your thoughts on Skytoss?

BlinG: It's not really that common anymore. It was only really used against Zergs and they've pretty much learnt how to deal with it efficiently now and usually stop Protoss ever getting into that situation.


 What would you say is your strongest matchup and why?

BlinG: PvZ is probably my strongest matchup at the moment but that’s purely because it seems the most balanced to me.

How is practice going, and what kind of practice regime do you follow (if any)?

BlinG: It's going okay. Not amazing, but okay. And I don't really follow anything strictly, but I try to play at least 6-8 hours a day.


You’ve been with team-dignitas for a very long time. How have the team and your team mates treated you for the time you’ve been here and what has made this team different from the others?

BlinG: I get along with all of the team; they're all great guys and always fun to hang out with at events and such. I think the obvious thing that makes the team different is the fact we have around 70 players throughout all of the games, so it makes us a very big team!


What are your plans this year? Any major HotS tournaments you will be participating in for fans to watch?

BlinG: I plan to attend as many major tournaments as possible this year, depending on how my results go. The better they are, the more I’ll attend!


Any plans for streaming in the near future? Some of us have been waiting for some time!

BlinG: I plan on streaming regularly as soon as I get my new computer so I can stream in super sick quality!


Well good luck in the future. Any shout-outs you would like to give?

BlinG: Thank you! Just to everyone who cheers me on and of course Dignitas, FaeryHeart and all of our sponsors!


Be sure to follow Mr. Kay on Twitter @dignitasBlinG.

Hope you like the interview, I’m planning to do more in the near future and if you have any suggestions on what I should cover in the SC2 scene, please leave a comment below or tweet me at @dbrisingr.