SjoW: "I know I can beat anyone if I put the effort into it"



Wed 25th Jan 2012 - 12:15am

During the transition into the new year not only did we see less Starcraft tournaments but we also saw a lot less of certain players. It is difficult trying to remember 2011 with all the unstoppable Koreans and controversial foreigners we've had thrown at us already in 2012.

A certain Jeffrey 'SjoW' Brusi is ready to make you remember why he is the best Terran in Europe and after winning his first big online tournament of 2012 SjoW is ready to make his mark on 2012.

So lets dim the lights and start the entrance music. It's SjoWtime!

 Sjow Whitera win

Apart from last week's online tournament appearances, you seem to have disappeared for the past month or two, how is everything and what have you been up to?

SjoW: After dreamhack winter which was end of november I told myself I was going to train hard and start playing online cups regularly. During that time my computer started to crashing and it came to a point where it crashed almost everygame which was very frustrating.

I actually tried playing even tho I had theese problems but finally when I disconnected in a important event I got on tilt and took a break for 2 weeks. Finally I solved the solution 1-2 weeks ago and got a new computer.


Looking back at the past year, how do you rate your 2011?

SjoW: I started off really good dominating all online tournaments and winning IEM kiev early 2011 after that I had alot down curve, some up curves aswell. Overall I should be really happy with my results but its hard when I feel like I havnt performed at my own expections lately.


Korea is considered the practice Mecca for many professional players, do you see a future where we can see something similar happening in a "foreigner" country?

SjoW: The reason why Korea is the practice of Mecca is because of training houses which provides the optimal environment for a gamer to improve.

You live with other progamers that share the passion you have and probably have the same goal as you, being the best of the best. Also you usually have no distractions in a korean prohouse. Theres food being served regularly for you by a maid that also cleans and washcloths for you.

Theres been some improvement in that area in the foreignscene having started the swedish prohouse, EG house and also theres a house starting in poland but still we have a long way to go since the mentality in the foreign scene is different, most pros here does not do it fulltime also they tend to be happy with "just beating foreigners" is enough leading to a lower general skilllevel.


Before you went to Korea you said that you weren't going there for the GSL. However, going home and giving up a Code A spot is quite unusual. What was your reasoning behind this?

SjoW: The trip to Korea was the first for me and it was just a test to see how its like and focusing mostly on practice. Also there was alot of tournaments at that time which I wanted to attend to. I don't regret my decision but I will definitely go back to korea in the future with the same purpose but stay longer.


What are your opinions as a pro gamer on the Heart of the Swarm expansion? Would you prefer not to have one?

SjoW: I will love it! It will create more variety to the game. The start will be kinda silly tho at a balance perspective. The thing Im most concerened with HOTS is how the balance will look like in the start, judging from the units i've seen theres gonna be alot of tears on the tournament venue. Im confident blizzard will fix the balance by time tho.


Who are your favourite players to watch for each race?

SjoW:MVP for terran, MC for protoss and Leenock for zerg.


Who would you like to have the chance of playing against (again) and why?

SjoW: MVP I think hes the best player in the world!


Many would guess that your single favourite victory was that against White-Ra at the IEM EU Championship in Kiev, was it or is there something else you like to look back on?

SjoW: For sure, its either that or the first offline tournament I won which was IOL at the release since I was totally unknown and beat the best of Sweden at that time.


A lot of pros hate practicing on ladder for one reason or another, what is your attitude towards ladder practice?

SjoW: I like ladder alot since you get to play alot of diffrent styles and strategies. The problem is its not always the best opponents even if you are ranked highest.


You used to play poker full time and there is a fair amount of players that are very good at poker. Do you feel there is something that makes poker players good at Starcraft?

SjoW: The skills I learned in poker which is useful in scII is knowing how important deception is. If your opponent knows what you are doing your in a big disadvantage. And in the highest level alot of small things usually leads to a victory while being in a big uphill from the start, odds are not in your favor even if you win all small battles. I think the optimal style is 80% solid standard play and 20% allin play.

Knowing the importance of variance. Seeing the scII tournament noone seem to win everything its all about who has the best day and which bracket you get and your confidence level. The things you can do is to practice hard and have a better chance of winning than your opponents and try to work on your mental game. I also tilt less by knowing theese facts.


And finally, what should everyone expect to see from you next?

SjoW: I know I can beat anyone if I put the effort into it and really practice hard. For now Im back to basic playing ladder and online cups to gain confidence to finally compete with the big boys again!


Sjow GSL

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