Team Dignitas releases numlocked & art1er



Mon 10th Oct 2016 - 6:45pm

Following disappointing results at both Gamescom and the Overwatch Open hosted by ELEAGUE, the Team Dignitas Overwatch team has decided to make roster changes. The team communication and strategic development has not improved at a rate that is fast enough for the team's own high standards.

That is why the players have decided to remove Seb 'numlocked' Barton and Artur 'art1er' Bischof from the lineup. We would like to thank Seb and Artur for their efforts put into the team's development, and will keep an eye on their careers with great interest.

numlocked and art1er during Overwatch Open

We have started looking for suitable replacements. Keep an eye on our website and the Team Dignitas Twitter and Facebook for updates.