All you need to know about Volskaya Foundry ft. JayPL



Wed 12th Sep 2018 - 8:18pm

Volskaya Foundry, the place where Russia produces their combat mechs in the Overwatch universe. The battleground is one of the closest resemblances to a classic MOBA map in Heroes of the Storm, with its three lanes and focus on team fighting over the “King of the Hill” style objective. Volskaya is one of the simpler maps to understand, and because of that, it has been widely accepted in comparison to the other recent map releases. To get a better understanding of the small things that go on during a match on Volskaya Foundry, we sat down with Team Dignitas’ Tank player and former shotcaller, Jerome "JayPL" Trinh.

JayPL: "I think Volskaya Foundry is one of the best maps in the game, I really like it. I don’t really know why, but I just have a good feeling when I play on this map. The fact that you have to rely a lot on rotations and team fighting is really rewarding."

Heroes that are good on this map

When we look at which heroes really excel on this map, we have to decide what qualities are needed in the situation we will encounter. If we look at the objective, we have a pretty big area where we need to control the space. This means that we need heroes with zone control, team fighting power, and sustain. JayPL gives us a few examples.

JayPL: "Stukov is really good on this map because of the control he has around the healing camp between mid lane and top lane. If you get the healing item before the first objective, you are almost certain to win it and take down at least two walls and likely a fort. If you get a fort with the first Protector, you should be able to snowball your experience lead from there."

"Another good hero on Volskaya Foundry is Sgt. Hammer. Hammer is super good at controlling the space during the objective, and the surrounding walls around the area give her protection to stay fairly safe." 

Where is the solo lane?

As we all know, the solo lane is super important in Heroes of the Storm because of the power gains with levels. This means that we need to find out where the most efficient lane for our solo laner is. On most maps, there is a mutual understanding of which lane is going to be the place for the solo laners to have their standoff, but is it also the case with Volskaya Foundry? Let’s see what JayPL says.

JayPL: "This is pretty funny, in my experience, since NA wants to the solo lane to be the top lane, while EU wants it to be the bot lane... To be honest, there’s no strict rule or common agreement on this map. I think it’s one of the only maps where you just look at who has the better solo laner and then adapt to their decision of where the solo lane is."


Back when the first iteration of Hanamura was released, we were presented with new types of mercenary camps. It was no longer just Giants and Knights. These mercenary camps gave items that you could pick up and use in team fights, but, as we know, Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA without items, right? Some of the player base was scared that these new items that we picked up were going to become a normal thing on all maps. This wasn’t the case though, and we see these “Item camps” rarely on the various maps.

Volskaya Foundry is one of those maps though, and as the player base learned how fun and powerful these few different items were in the team fight around the map’s objective, they accepted it.

JayPL: "The turret camp is something you want to take every time it’s up, as you want as many turrets as possible going into the objective when it’s active. The normal lane pushing camp at the top is a bit weird, it doesn’t really do a lot of structure damage, so you mostly just take it to push the lane for your minions. As for the healing item camp, it is super powerful to have the item in team fights, so this camp is normally just as contended as the objective on the map."

Item-use timing

Okay, so you have these cool and powerful items, but when should you actually use them? Should they all be blown at the engagement of the objective? Should you use them to siege structures? Is one item so valuable that you should use another item to contest it?

JayPL: "I like to say, 'you need to use your items when you need to use your items.' I know that doesn’t make much sense, but that’s how it is. The most common use of the turrets is to use them when the other team is inside the area of the objective. By doing this, you are sure to get value and they do enough damage to either give your team an advantage in the team fight, or the other team has to kill them and so they won’t do damage to you while they are hitting the turret. Another thing to consider when using a turret on the objective is where you should place it. If your team is first on the objective and you want to defend the position, you want to place the turret further towards your own side of the map to defend it and lure the other team in on your side to deal with it. On the other hand, if the other team has control of the area, you want to put the turret in a more forward position on their side to use it as a form of burst engage."

"The Healing Pulse item is fun. In my opinion, it should always be the Tank that carries it because the Tank will have the best feeling of when it’s needed. You will most likely use it to gain the upper hand in a disadvantageous team fight, either because you are behind on experience, or if one of your teammates has died and you want a return-kill to stay in the fight."

"Another thing I don’t think most people know is that the healing pulse also gives mana, so you can also use it after winning a team fight to go straight for structures without having to tap the fountain first."

Dancing around the objective point

The “King of the Hill” style objective on Volskaya Foundry is in the special category, together with the Immortals on Battleground of Eternity, of map objectives that actively take a long time to complete. The percentage ticking control of the point means nothing if you can’t keep the enemy team off the point for enough time to complete the last percent. This means that you can let the enemy team get 99% without really worrying, and instead plan the perfect engage to take over the point.

JayPL: "The ideal situation would be to get on the point first, that way, even if the enemy team steps into the area, the objective will still start ticking in your favour up to 99%. If the enemy team gets to the point first, you should try to get more items from camps and soak experience while they get up to 90-ish percent before you step into the area. It is useless to go in and fight when the objective is already ticking up for the enemy team, you would be better off getting experience and prepare for the fight to come."

Protector ability usage for both pilot and gunner

When you have a prize from winning an objective that needs to take two players away from the map it has to be worth it, and boy is the Protector worth it! This Mr. Robocop hurts! When you jump into this bad boy you will get a new set of abilities, abilities that do a lot of damage to both enemy players and structures. We do have to remember that these abilities can be used in an effective way.

JayPL: "You want to go for the obvious kills. Many players underestimate the power of the Protector, so you can often catch an enemy who stepped too far forward with the Pilot’s W ability. The Gunner needs to be ready for this, for it’s the Gunner who can get this kill very easily with his abilities that deal a lot of damage to players."

"If the enemy stays behind their walls, you just deal damage to structures, the Pilot’s Q ability can take out an entire minion wave if you hit it on the right target from the right angle."

"Now, the Gunner should always be active with the abilities available. Your E does the most damage, so you want to make it valuable. Try hitting multiple structures at the same time - this could be an entire wall, for example, or hitting both the fort and the fountain at the same time. You also want to use your Q on cooldown, you can use it to clear a minion wave, or just hit as many structures with it as possible. The thing that distincts a good Gunner from an average Gunner is how well you can manage your resources and cooldowns. Use your E and Q on cooldown and fill in the gap between cooldowns by activating your W. When your cooldowns come back up, you press W again before you have used all your ammunition to quickly use your cooldown abilities again, and then you just fill in with the activated W again between cooldowns."