Team Dignitas with changes; farewell MrDogbert and welcome Brunion



Thu 3rd Jul 2014 - 9:23pm

Today we need to say farewell to one of our key members, James 'MrDogbert' Given. After serving Team Dignitas for close to 9 years, MrDogbert has decided to pursue a career in the gaming industry. He is now working for The Creative Assembly as Community Coordinator for Total War Arena.

It was 9 years ago when Michael 'ODEE' O'Dell scouted MrDogbert on a public Battlefield 2 server, which they later got banned from because they were so good that people thought they were cheating. MrDogbert joined our Battlefield squad and helped us secure many victories. He proved to be a true pro gamer by picking up World In Conflict and winning the CPL World Championship for Team Dignitas.

During the last few years MrDogbert played an important role in the Team Dignitas management, helping us run the team behind the screens. We're sad to see such a good friend leave but we're happy that he is able to live his dream and build a career in the mainstream gaming industry. We wish MrDogbert the best of luck in the future!

MrDogbert shared the following: "This is a very bitter moment for me it has been a hard decision for me to make. I have been playing involved with Team Dignitas for close to 9 years taken in by ODEE to play Battlefield 2 back in the early days from that I have been all around the world playing video games and representing the Team Dignitas brand.

Working with Team Dignitas has given me the tools and experience that I never thought I could gain through gaming let alone the self-confidence which is something that can always be hard for young people in this or any Industry. So with a heavy heart I leave to join The Creative Assembly, a company whose games I am a massive fan of.

I would like to say thank you to all the friends I have met through gaming and the people I have worked with at Team Dignitas. A very big thanks goes to Michael O'Dell who not only picked me up as a player but always helped me grow as a person and that is something I will be forever thankful."


Welcome to a new face!

With Mrdogbert gone, we were in need of someone to help out with things and join our core crew. We found just the right person in our editorial staff, more specifically, we found Brynn 'Brunion' Runion. She has been a writer for Team Dignitas for several months and will now take on the role of Community Manager for Team Dignitas. We believe Brynn is the perfect person for this position and you will definitely hear from her on our social media pages!

Brynn wanted to say the following to our fans: "Hi Team Dignitas fans! My name is Brynn 'Bru' Runion and I am very happy to announce that I am Team Dignitas' new Community Manager.

While in this position, I will try to make the community more involved with the team and events. You will be seeing me around twitter, facebook, and on our website. I hope that I can help make a tighter knit community that shares a love for Team Dignitas and all e-sports!"

Welcome Brynn, we look forward to working with you even closer!