Alienware Xmas Cup: Trackmania



Thu 19th Dec 2013 - 10:08am

With Christmas comes the last edition of this year's Alienware 2013 Cup Series, hosted by Team Dignitas. We've decided to end 2013 with another edition of a Trackmania 2 Stadium Cup. The cup is set to take place this Saturday, December 21st, and thanks to Alienware we get to offer a prize pot of £500!

The tournament starts at 17:00 CET (Time Attack) followed by the playoffs at 18:00 CET. There are 64 slots so hurry and sign up before its full! If we reach 64 signups quickly we may increase the slots to 80.

Bracket & Stream

How do I sign up?
Make a comment on this newspost with your name, nation and IRC nickname. You are expected to idle #dignitas.cup on Quakenet (Chat) 30 minutes before the cup starts.

Alienware Arena:
Alienware Arena™ is an on-going series of contests and promotions presented by Alienware® and held online and at LAN parties, LAN centers, trade shows, retail locations, and other special events. Meet and compete against rival gamers in head-to-head and team tournaments for opportunities to win cash and high-performance Alienware gear or simply join in on discussions about your favorite existing and upcoming PC games.

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Tournament Details
Game: Trackmania 2 Stadium
Players: 64
Map pool:  we will use the CPS12 Map Pack 3
Cup date: Saturday 21st December
Starting time: Time Attack @ 17:00 CET - Round 1 @ 18:00 CET at #dignitas.cup
Brackets: here
Stream: dignitas\r2k will be the streamer!
IRC: #dignitas.cup
Admin: Sui

Prizes: £500*
1st. £200
2nd. £100
3rd. £60
4th. £40
5-8th: £25

- TM 2 Stadium player cup
- Map pool:  we will use the CPS12 Match Pack 3
- Five rounds per map.
- Cup mode without finalist.
- 2 warmup laps on each track.
- Any form of cheating will result in a permanent ban from all Team Dignitas cups. An admin is free to kick/ban any player from the cup if he suspects a player of cheating / abusive behavior.
- Screenshots of scores must be made after each round.
- In case of a tie after the last map has been played, one additional round will be played to determine who goes through

Signup example
Name: John 'Killer' Doe
From: UK
Contact: YOURNAME @ #dignitas.cup (IRC contact is mandatory)

*All payments will be made over paypal only. Teams/players need to send their information to the tournament admin within one week after the cup took place to claim their prize.