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Wed 27th Jul 2011 - 6:10pm

urtier1During our trip to SAGE, our Enemy Territory team was joined by an old friend and also former teammate, Tore 'urtier' Trimpop. After the event urtier has shown interest in making a comeback to Enemy Territory as he has been inactive for several years now.

He has now made plans to begin playing the game competitively once again which is why we decided to have a chat with him and bring you the full report.


After SAGE LAN you said watching ET made you feel like playing the game again. Are you considering a comeback, and if so, who would you like to play with again?

Urtier: Yes, after a relatively long time of inactivity watching the games at the SAGE LAN made me feel like playing it again. If you have played a game for such a long time and you suddenly just quit or stop, there are times when you think about the good times you had in the game and everything that comes along with it, such as big tournaments, clan rivalries, the LAN events and especially the people you have played with. I have never been totally out of touch with the guys, stopped by in the IRC channels from time to time, but playing the game is a whole different experience again.

So I actually do consider playing a bit again, or even make a comeback, if you like to call it that way. I got most stuff for university sorted out and during the weeks I find myself quite bored from time to time. However at the moment I’m almost done with my exams for the summer term and will try to enjoy as much of the summer as possible, or what is left from it. So I will keep it nice and slow in the first weeks and see what is going on. You might find me on a public, if you are lucky.

Of course it would be nice to play with the old idle guys again, but I would not mind playing with other guys as long as they are capable of playing this game at a high level, have some fun and do not run around like headless chickens looking for the next frag to polish their stats. Now that the team has taken in ZaK and Karnaj again it will be even harder to fight for a spot there.

How are you handling your comeback, playing a lot of mixes or taking your time to get back to your old level?

Urtier: As I said, I will rather take it relaxed the next weeks and enjoy my life rather than sitting in front of the PC. The summer is pretty cold this year though and if it is raining and nothing else is going on, I will surely see if there is some ET to play (or also other games with friends). Would like to play a few mixes here and then with the old guys from office or weekendmix and see how far that will take me.

I’m currently not in any shape close to competing on a higher level than OC fifths division I guess, but it will come back with some practice. The hardest part however will be getting used to the 5on5 gameplay. The last time I was playing the game actively the gamemode was still 6on6 and it seems to have quite an impact on the general playing style of players and the teams. That will take a lot of patience, practice and dedication not to fall back into old habits and doing things that are only working in 6on6.

What is your plan for the next year, have you set any goals yet?

Urtier: Talking about gaming, I would say getting back into a good shape, playing with a decent team again and see what the next LAN tournament brings (not the one in Swansea, I will not be ready for that in time, plus I’m out of cash!). For real life, well. I guess most have figured out by now that I lost quite a bit of weight, so I want to finish my diet and start hitting the gym more often to get into shape.

Also 2012 is my last year of university. So I hope to get my master in management of small and medium sized companies and find a suitable job somewhere in the world. Yeah, that’s pretty much it for next year I guess.

You used to play together your brother m1co, what is he up to nowadays?

Urtier: John is currently living in Rostock with his girlfriend and both are studying at the very same university. He is looking to finish his bachelor in computer science next year. I guess he would like to work as a software engineer after that, no idea if he has been any more specific about it yet. Apart from that he does not play any games anymore, at least nothing serious. Some casual Xbox or PS3 here and then maybe. He also will not make a “comeback” (big word again!!).

Which game mode do you prefer 5on5 or 6on6 and why?

Urtier: I have not played too many 5on5 games yet to judge it completely, but by looking at it and the few experience I made, I would absolutely prefer 6on6 over it. The gamemode was a lot more versatile and let you excel in many more classes and situations as the current mode allow you to. The whole game got less interesting and less dynamic.

There are much less classes used which was always the difference between ET and other games such as CS or CoD. Now everything, or at least a lot, is reduced to hitscan weapons and just 1-2 classes. You see less soldiers and fieldops being used. However I have to play it a bit more to be able to judge it completely.

Anderson personally prefers 6on6, but switching back is not a good idea because of the logistical issues for the 2-3 LAN's we have coming up. Considering we are stuck with 5on5, are there any ways to improve the experience, for example some Config changes?

Urtier: I will not argue about the logistical advantages of 5on5 over 6on6 as it has been discussed about it numerous times on crossfire. About the config, I once again have to play some more games to give any real useful information, but we have had such a discussion with some TAG guys a couple of days ago.

One conclusion was that it might be nice to have the Fieldops upgraded somehow. One option could be that the airstrike only takes up half the bar, just like in RtCW so airstrikes would be used more often again that could clear out certain situations when the smg cannot do so anymore. Of course it has to be tested with some spam reduction cvars etc. There could be probably other options for other classes as well, just something that makes the game more versatile and dynamic again and let you change your tactics according to certain situations. ET should be more about the interaction of classes again and teamwork than pure team deathmatch with some objectives.

Other than that I would not mind introducing some new maps. Years ago they mostly used one day cups to test them out in a competitive environment. I will check out those new maps that were supposed to be played at SAGE in the next weeks and see if they are any suitable for 5on5 gameplay and maybe suggest some changes.

Since your departure many new 'talents' have appeared in the scene. Which new player has impressed you the most and why?

Urtier: I have not really followed the scene that much to say who has popped out in this time and who has been around before already. I guess anyone that is currently playing on the top of the game has to get some credits for being there, let it be an oldschool player playing the game for a long time already or a rather new face.

However I think it is still nice to see that there are players and teams working their ways to the top over the last months and years, such as R0SS from anexis who was still rather unknown a couple of years ago or the Belgium players from NEVO.

In what state do you see ET right now and what do you think will happen over the next 2 years?

Urtier: I think ET is somehow seeing a new revival (once again!). I was one of the guys screaming a couple of years ago already that the game is dead or dying. Still there are nice tournaments coming up, LANs being played at different places across Europe and a lot of people working hard for general ET related things, such as MerlinatoR, Seanza or other guys involved (you know who you are!). There are still new clans taking in ET teams and backing them up financially in order to attend LAN events and so on. Apart from me there are also other guys that took a break some months or years ago and are playing again from time to time. I guess and really hope there are more events such as SAGE or the NEVO Heatwave Challenge coming up in the next months/year and I would like to be part of that.

I've noticed you have had many ideas how to improve ET and attract new players to the game, what are your easiest 3-5 steps to accomplish this?

Urtier: Yeah, I tend to give information or ‘orders’ without actually doing much of it myself unfortunately. I still think you will not get too many players attracted just by pure financial incentives. The game should be fun after all and we should not forget about the player base that does not go to the LAN events or plays in the top tournaments.

Since ET is getting some coverage from time to time on other community sites such as Tek-9, Esreality or Cadred (and of course the clan pages) it shows that there is atleast some interest in the game. And since most of these sites somehow link to crossfire as the centre of ET, it would help a lot to have a quick and easy installation and tutorial for new players on there. Everyone knows these big SALE displays in the markets, why not just have a button like that saying “Get ET now – for free”. For free is actually an extremely good argument to make people try it.

Since TF2 is free it’s seeing thousands of new players every day. So getting the game onto Steam would be a HUGE step for the ET community. Then again we should not try to copy the reaction of the TF2 community trying to shut out new players, instead we should focus on getting them into competition as quickly as possible and set up smaller amateur leagues for such players. Weekly video tutorials could help to accomplish that.

What do you consider your biggest achievement and if you remember, which match did you perform greatest in?

Urtier: Outside the gaming world it is surely losing the weight and finishing my bachelor in business administration last summer, despite some problems at home etc.. I hope that I can add the master degree to this list next summer.
In gaming, no idea really. I would consider the experience of traveling to quite a few countries and cities just the play the game I love as a big “achievement”. It’s surely nice to win LAN events and some pixel pocals at Clanbase but it would not be worth it without having fun and a good time doing so.

If you want me to name an event, maybe winning CC6 in 2009 was the nicest. We came from the losers bracket, had to win two matches in a row and got totally rolled on the first map of the first set and we managed to come back from that winning both games. The “biggest” achievement would probably be Quakecon 2006 or just being unbeaten with the idle team for over a year.

My best game might have been the final at CPC1 LAN in Rotterdam, when I managed to reclaim the documents at Radar and Frostbite with just seconds or meters to go. Ever since I joined idle I was filling out gaps and playing the supportive role rather than being in the spotlight as a massive damage dealer I think. As long as the team was able to perform because everyone was doing his job and won in the end I did not really care what my stats said.

What is your dream line-up for both 5on5 and 6on6?

I totally hate such questions and I really cannot answer them as I do not like judging players without having played with them or against them quite often. They might totally shine on ETTV or by stats but would not help to complete a team. Therefore I will just name a few players that I have/had the highest respects for. There would be Night, Saintt and Raveneye for inventing totally new ways of playing the game and different classes. Mike as a sick damage dealer, pk and senji as incredibly talented medics. My brother mico as one of the best aimers back in the earlier days of the game and ferus a bit later (especially since he managed to convert it to other games as well). And also mAus who has proved himself at LANs numerous times by now.

There is a need for a new FPS game in the e-Sport world; do you think this void can be filled by Wolfenstein 2, Battlefield 3 or any other upcoming game?

Urtier: Wolfenstein 2? You obviously know more than I do! I unfortunately don't think the gap can be closed by BF3 or any other modern title that is basically the same stuff all over again. They are looking brilliant that’s for sure, but they are mostly lacking some feeling that was so important in games like Quake, ET/RtCW, CS or also CoD.

They all look the same, they all play the same and they all die within a couple of weeks or were never really designed for competitive gameplay. The fact that most games are developed for consoles in the first place does not really help either as you can see with BRINK. They had to make sacrifices for the console and casual games that left out important features for PC gamers.

I will not even start about all the other stuff that was simply not there like a proper spectating mode, pause or demo functions. I simply cannot believe how companies manage to make profits with such amateurish products. In any other industry your company would be shut down right after if you offer such faulty products. It’s not just this developer in particular but the general way games are being produced these days it seems. I do know that the competition scene is just a really small percentage of their targeted groups but still this should not happen to anyone that considers himself a professional.

How much weight have you lost in 2 years and what tips can you give to others?

Urtier: I just managed to crack the 100 kg barrier and lost a total of 77 kg now. I have started to change my life on the 27th of February 2009, when I just decided it could not go on like this. So I completely changed my eating habits from one day to the other and threw away everything that could be considered junk by common sense. In the following months and years I have probably read about every possible diet and ways to lose weight. I also consumed every possible information about food, nutrition and everything that comes with it. So I ended up changing my diet to the following:

Breakfast: Heavy on good complex carbs (oats, whole grain products, fruits)
Lunch: Healthy mixed meals
Dinner: Low carb and heavy on the proteins (meat/dairy products with lots of vegetables or salad)

In between I do not drink any sugary drinks or snack to make sure the insulin level stays low and enables the fat burning process. It’s still about the calorie in and calorie out ratio, but this helps to accomplish it the easy way without suffering from hunger attacks or other cravings. You can still eat whatever you like, just watch the times for it.

You should really think before you eat. I find it amazing how people buy extremely expensive and high quality food for their pets, getting themselves the most expensive TV set or the latest iPod but feed themselves junk at the same time.

After all it is a lot of common sense what is good for you and what is not. My general suggestions would include the reduction of plain sugar to basically nothing, the body simply does not need it. It can extract enough sugars for the brain from carbs and proteins. Other than that vegetables should be the main part of your diet. You can eat figuratively tons of it without gaining any weight. Snacks, sugary drinks or any form of processed food should be left out completely, if possible. I took it so far that I am basically not eating anything that contains more than 3 ingredients or does come with ingredients I cannot even pronounce or I think should rather stay in some chemical laboratory than actually finding its way into my body.

Some sport here and then will help to shape the body and get you to a better general fitness level. It will surely take some time to adjust and leave old habits behind but it is totally worth it. The “new life” is simply amazing and I regret that I did not take this step before. If any overweight person out there is saying that he is happy with the way it is and how he looks, he is simply lying or has never experienced the feeling to be at a normal weight.

If I can do it, you can do it as well! If you are interested in some dishes I make or just other information around that diet, feel free to visit my little cooking and weight loss blog under If you wish further information you can also just contact me and I will try to answer as quickly as possible.


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One of your trademarks used to be the custom-built glass urtimat™ mousepad. Will these be for sale again any time soon?

Urtier: If there is a stronger demand for them I would consider it. Unfortunately I have lost the connection to the company that made the glass, so I have to pay the normal prices like everyone else now. Kinda ruins the possibility of doing business with it. I would have to look for a different source for the glass itself and the margins should still be high enough, else it’s just not worth it. I did not make too much profit with it in the first place and now with the limited time I have, I have to think twice if it’s worth making them again. Ain’t no charity!

Your football club 1. FC Köln had a great season last year as they finished 10th in the Bundesliga. What is your prediction for the upcoming season?

Urtier: Oh dear, that was a weird season and it probably cost me at least one year of my lifetime! First the horrible first half of the season. Then we finally got rid of coach Soldo, so Frank Schäfer took over the team. The second half of the season went much better. The team scored 29 points out of the left over games and could be competing with the bigger teams in the Bundesliga just by that statistic. Still it was exciting until 1-2 games before the season ended. Almost every team down there had equal points and it was extremely close. Just one unlucky loss and a win by another team would have knocked us down into relegations. Ending 10th surely looks nice, but the way we got there was killing me! Especially with Frank Schäfer leaving the team a few games before the end and the sport director Volker Finke was taking over. He surely had the experience as a coach, but still everything was so chaotic.

For the next season I would be happy, if the team finally manages to stay in the league without having too many problems with dropping into relegations. So a secured 10th-12th spot would be everything I want to ask for. However things could go pretty nice next season, we have already beaten stronger teams in test games, but also lost to rather bad ones. Our new coach Stale Solbakken seems to be extremely motivated and surely knows what he is doing looking at the last few seasons of Copenhagen FC. The roster got better as well with buying Sascha Riether from Wolfsburg and the few transfers that already got here in the last winter. Will be an interesting season, that is for sure. I am just hoping that Podolski keeps the form he had in the last months and does not get knocked back by the decision to make Geromel the captain for the upcoming season.

Any shoutouts, or anything you'd like to mention?

Urtier: Everyone I played with, against or that played at the same time in different leagues. Everyone that supported teams to compete in tournaments around the globe and dedicated their time to host and run the events. Basically everybody out there that made the game so enjoyable over the last years and hopefully in the future, you know who.