5 Win Conditions with Trainer Diputs



Mon 9th Jul 2018 - 7:29pm

Clash Royale is a strategic card game that plays like many other titles in its genre. When you've found an opening and your instinct tells you that your enemy can't do anything against your combination of cards or your final blow, you know that you've won. These are called "Win Conditions" and are the subject that we'll cover with our very own #DIGClash player George "Trainer Diputs" Galvin. This guide has been crafted solely with Trainer Diputs' knowledge and they've been listed in no particular order.

1) Hog Rider

The Hog Rider has always been known as one of the most skilled win conditions and is only used by people who have practically mastered the deck in tournaments and the ladder. Hog Rider is always used in control decks and even when you're low on Elixir you can still decide to drop the Hog Rider, which will result in a large amount of damage if it is not countered. Because the Hog Rider focuses buildings first, it's hard to stop him in his tracks and your enemy's counters may come too late.

Keep in mind that you need to practice using this card against all types of decks and you'll need to read the plays that your opponent is going to make to counter him as quickly as possible.

Some of the best counters to the Hog Rider include Tornado, Inferno Tower, Mini P.E.K.K.A. and the Hunter. For every card mentioned except the Tornado, the reason that they're good is due to the immense single-target damage they deal close-range. The Tornado will leave the Hog Rider aggro'd on the closest building and can pull the Hog Rider away from it.

2) Miner

This legendary card can spawn anywhere on the map where you command it to go, making it one of the fastest cards in the game when it comes to its spawn location and time. Some of the best Miner Decks are quick miner chip decks which focus on doing quick bursts of damage to enemy buildings and are very hard to play/master. Other decks that utilize the Miner a lot are decks that use the "Mortar" card in which the Miner compliments the Mortar to bait enemies into.

Miner is a very flexible card and often gets used in decks including Lava Hound, Balloon Cycle, Giant, and Three Musketeers.

The best counters to the Miner are the same as the counters to the Hog Rider (Tornado, Inferno Tower, Mini P.E.K.K.A. and the Hunter) due to the fact that both cards are used to deal damage to enemy buildings and only put one minion on the battlefield when used.

3) Giant

Since the Giant is the first card that you receive in Clash Royale, it's only to be expected that a lot of decks ranging from low to high-level use this card in combination with other cards. Almost anything can work with the Giant card since it acts as a slow-moving tank that prioritizes buildings while soaking up damage from enemy troops/buildings.

The Giant is utilized in decks like Giant Bait, Giant Three Musketeers, Giant Double Prince, and Giant Miner. These are only some of the decks but there definitely are a larger number of combinations that you can use this card for. Keep in mind that this card costs 5 Elixir and is best paired with troops that deal a large amount of damage and don't get in the way of the Giant's path.

The best counters to use against the Giant are the P.E.K.K.A., Inferno Dragon, Hunter, Inferno Tower, and Tesla. Again, this is due to their high single-target damage quickly diminishing the Giant's health bar. The Inferno Dragon and Inferno Tower are slow at the start, but they ramp up damage very quickly if they're not killed on time.

4) Balloon

The Balloon is an insanely strong card if it is used at the right time and for the right purpose. This card is amazing in decks like Lavaloon and Balloon Control in combination with the Miner card previously covered in this guide. It's very similar to the Hog Rider - read your enemy and surprise them with this card at the right time to make it feel absolutely broken. You will need practice and game sense to use it but what you'll gain from this card is worth the amount of effort you need to put in.

 The Balloon struggles against decks that include the Rocket spell card and control decks that use the Ice Wizard, Tornado, or Mega Minion for defensive purposes.

5) Graveyard

Coming on this list as the only Spell card featured, the Graveyard has always been a top card ever since it was released back in October of 2016. It truly reaches its full potential when used in a Poison Bait deck. Poison Bait decks are so good with Graveyard because the only real hard counter to Graveyard is also the Poison Spell card. So if they use Poison on defense to counter your graveyard's offensive capabilities and switch to attacking your Crown/King tower, they can't use Poison to get rid of your defensive cards anymore since they had to use it on your Graveyard.

This concludes our 5 win conditions in Clash Royale. These aren't the only win conditions that you have in Clash Royale but give us a good impression of what cards fit this type of bill. We want to thank Trainer Diputs for his time and providing us with essential input that was key to making this guide.

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