Post-Dreamhack interview with GustavQQ



Wed 13th Jun 2018 - 8:31pm

With more tournaments popping up and PGI slowly approaching, PUBG is steadily gaining more traction as an eSport. With the recent success of the PUBG tournament at Dreamhack Austin, we decided to catch up with Gustav 'GustavQQ' Blønd, the in-game leader of #DIGPUBG, and ask him about their performance at Dreamhack, his role within the squad, and the state of PUBG! 

Congratulations on 6th place at Dreamhack Austin. How did you and your squad manage to make that comeback on day 2?

GustavQQ: On Team Dignitas, we've focused a lot on staying focused even when things aren't going our way. We manage to not tilt after a bad day 1 and staying positive all the time in PUBG is super important, since every game is a new start. One of the big factors why we played bad on the first day was because we have been playing so many games consisting of 20 teams lately because of PGI, and Dreamhack was only played with 16 teams. Therefore, the meta is different and we played a little bit too scared at DH.

This was your first time going to LAN with the DIG PUBG squad. What have you learned?

GustavQQ: We have got a way better friendship with each other and I feel way closer to them than before.

You’ve also been bootcamping at the 76ers Training Facility just before you went to Dreamhack. How was your experience?

GustavQQ: At the 76ers bootcamp, we got to meet so many big names and it was such an experience.

How did you become DIG PUBG’s in-game leader?

GustavQQ: I played on a team called "Lumber Mill" before where I was the in-game leader. They needed a strong in-game leader on the DIG team and therefore I got contacted.   

What’s the hardest part of being an in-game leader?

GustavQQ: The hardest part is that you need to make fast decisions and you need to be able to talk all the time while in combat. It's really important that you have teammates who believe in your calls even though they might be bad sometimes.

Do you like the way PUBG is trying to influence the meta with their recent patches?

GustavQQ: I really like the new gun changes with the AK, Mini, and SKS being really strong. I hated how everyone was just rolling double 556 weapons back then.

Could PUBG do anything against the luck-based wins that we occasionally see in tournaments?

GustavQQ: I don't think PUBG has anything to do with luck in 90% of the games. People who think anything else have simply just not played PUBG competitively.   

What are you trying to improve the most within your squad?

GustavQQ: Since we're a new team, we have been working so much on communication and using the same words to describe different things. Right now, we are working on our Miramar a lot since we've had a few problems on that map after the new update.

How do you foresee the future for PUBG as an eSport?

GustavQQ: I think it depends so much on if they are able to improve the spectator mode and if they can improve the FPS in-game. If they are able to do this, then I think it can become a top 3 eSport in the world.

We thank Gustav for his time and wish him the best of luck on his further endeavours to push himself and the rest of the #DIGPUBG squad to the best of their capabilities!

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