HYPERCARRY GODMODE EZREAL Guide - by dignitas/Imaqtpie


   - by dignitas/Qtpie (December 2013, Patch 3.14)


Team Dignitas AD Carry, Imaqtpie, shows you the best way
to build and itemize Ezreal,  one of his most played AD Carries.
If you're looking what to buy while in the midst of a game,
this quick cheat sheet will be perfect for you!


Special thanks to Jason 'Hunterkiller00' Mulcahy for
transcribing this guide.


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First off, the Trinity Force remake made this one of the best items to buy on basically anyone. Before the nerfs, you could probably build it on a midlaner and do fantastic. However, Ezreal is one of the champions that benefits the most from it thanks to spamming his skills. Since he's mostly skillshots, he is one of the more difficult ADCs to play, so he's reliant on you. His Q and passive are what makes him a strong pick, his autoattacks alone aren't enough compared to other champions.

Even before the Trinity Force remake, Ezreal could still go blue build, which is late game hypercarry godmode Ezreal. However, Trinity Force Ezreal is generally better. Blue Build still works, but you have to fully commit to it, don't try to mix aspects of Blue Build and Straight ADC. In addition, don't try to get both Gauntlet and Trinity Force, even if the passives kind of stack, the huge gold investment isn't worth it.



I just run standard ADC runes, the same I run on all other ADCs:
- 9 Flat AD reds
- 9 Flat armor yellows
- 5 Flat MR, 4 flat Mana Regen blues
- 2 Lifesteal, 1 AD quintessence.




For the pre-season masteries I go with 22/5/3. I recommend trying some mastery pages out and use what you think works best, but this is a good page to start with.




Always   Situational


Flash: Even with Ezreal's E, you still want flash just because it will save your life. In addition, using both E and Flash can save you from ganks that other ADCs would die from.

Barrier: The best ADC is an alive ADC. Helps with dueling and gives you increased life, during which you can hopefully lifesteal.
Useful against a heavy CC comp.
Only take this if you're certain taking it will win you lane. Otherwise, it isn't worth it for the late game survivability that Cleanse or Barrier will give.





Q and E are you main damage dealers on Ezreal, so max these first. W is useless so take that one last when you have no other choice at level 13.

Update: since recently Imaqtpie started putting 1 point in W at level 4. The priority R>Q>E>W still remains.



Core Build:


Item Order:


Starting items: Dorans Blade gives good early laning stats. The 3 health per hit along with your two lifesteal quints should be enough sustainability throughout early laning phase. Buy your Support a Warding Totem, Supports love Warding Totems.


Early focus: Basically, you just want to get to Trinity Force as quickly as possible because of how well it synergizes with Ezreal's kit. Phage is the most useful because it's reliable damage and it's the only one that helps with last hitting, and then sheen is good second because it gives burst. Arguments can be made for getting Zeal when snowballing, but generally Phage>Sheen>TF works. Pick up boots 1 while building it, and then upgrade them whenever you can afford to.

For boots: Get Lucidity only if you want the lower cooldown on E because you want to escape more. However, if you're up against a Fiddlesticks who's just going to flash fear you, Lucidity does nothing, thats the situation you want Mercury treads in. Get Beserker's if you feel safe and want to autoattack.


Mid game: Your Mid game should be focused on getting Last Whisper or Infinity Edge. You only want IE first if you get ahead early and can build enough substantial flat AD before their tanks can start getting armor. In any game, you're going to have to get through the tank line, and once they have Ninja Tabi and a Chainmail item you need a Last Whisper to deal damage to them. Especially right now when Renekton and other tanky top laners are so popular, Last Whisper is very important.

If you want to get a Vampiric Scepter some time at this point too, that also works, but have Infinity Edge and Last Whisper before thinking about building Blood Thirster.


Late game: Finishing off your Bloodthirster should be priority, and after that you have your 5 main damage items. Now you can upgrade your trinket and finish off your build with a 6th defensive item, depending on their team comp obviously. An example of a good defensive item is Mercurial Scimitar but this is definitely not the only option.