FIDDLESTICKS Guide - by dignitas/Patoy


   - by dignitas/Patoy (October 2013, Patch 3.13)


Are you looking to become the terror of bot lane with Support Fiddlesticks? Then this guide, made by Team Dignitas
Support player Patoy, is just the thing you need.


Special thanks to Robert 'rpnightsend' Peterson for
transcribing this guide.


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Fiddlesticks is a support with similar function to Lulu. He is powerful against assassins, top lane and jungle carries because of his high amount of CC, especially his long-duration fear. His silence and fear are especially powerful in teamfights because he can tie up the enemy long enough to allow his team to counter-initiate. His ultimate is also a powerful zone-control tool as it allows him to jump onto the enemy’s backline and disrupt their carries.

Fiddlesticks does not counter any specific champions in bot lane. Instead, he works well with AD carries like Ezreal and Caitlyn who are good at 1v1ing the other AD carry. This is because Fiddlesticks doesn’t have the ability to assist his AD carry in trades, instead he has to harass the enemy support and CC them, allowing his AD carry to fight the other AD carry by themself.

Fiddlesticks is countered by Nami and Zyra. Nami is a very powerful laner right now and just does too much damage at much longer range than Fiddlesticks. Zyra is similar to Nami because Fiddlesticks has trouble getting in range to trade with her. Fiddlesticks doesn’t counter any other supports in lane specifically, instead being very powerful if he can gain control of the lane, except against Nami or Zyra.



- 3 Health Quintessences
- 9 Magic Penetration Marks
- 9 Armor Seals
- 3 Magic Resist Glyphs
- 6 Cooldown Reduction Glyphs

The CDR Glyphs are important for helping Fiddlesticks use his powerful crowd control more often.




For my personal Fiddlesticks masteries I go the typical defense and utility 1/13/16.



Always   Situational

Always take Flash, you need the escape. Depending on how many assassins or hyper carries they have, you may need Exhaust for the extra cc and damage reduction. If not you can take Ignite if you want.



Skill Priority: R > Q > E > W

Dark Wind at level 1 in every scenario, it’s way better incase you end up fighting in the jungle due to the high damage you get from 5 bounces and the silence can get you lucky sometimes because they won’t be able to kill you right away. After that Fear every level and Ultimate every level it’s available.

The only variable other than Fear first and Dark Wind afterwards is Drain at level 4. If the enemy duo lane decides to force a trade on you, right after the trade when their abilities are on cooldown, you can get a good trade off on a melee support or cannon minion to heal up.



Starting items





Core Build

 Sightstone and Mobility Boots are the core support items right now, along with plenty of wards and an oracle’s. Don't forget to carry enough wards on you at all times.


Late game / Situational Items

If you ever have the money for an actual item, the two options you have are Shurelya’s Reverie for the extra health, CDR and good catch potential with the active. The other option is Twin Shadows, it is one of the best catching tools for a support due to the ghosts and their high movement speed. Even if the ghosts don’t hit anyone they give a degree of map control by telling you the direction that enemies are in.

Reverie is the standard support item to allow for both offensive and defensive plays due to the Area-Of-Effect movement speed bonus it provides. Seven out of ten times Reverie is the better choice. Twin Shadows on the other hand, allows for far better pick potential with the long range position reveal with the spooky ghosts and insane slow to pair with it. Reverie is better for peeling while Twin Shadows is better for catching.


Closing thoughts
Fiddlesticks brings a lot of hard cc and zoning potential to a team. His laning requires good presence and control but in teamfights and lane trading he can be devastating.