JINX Guide - by dignitas/Imaqtpie


   - by dignitas/Qtpie (October 2013, Patch 3.12)


We sat down with Imaqtpie, Team Dignitas
AD Carry, to pick his thoughts about Jinx, one of
the newest AD Carries. We put his thoughts into
a champion guide so you can learn from the best!


Special thanks to Jason 'Hunterkiller00' Mulcahy for
transcribing this guide.


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First off, I think that Jinx is a competitively viable champion. She snowballs very well and is generally pretty stompy. She doesn't scrap particularly well, but when people go in for kills on Jinx, it's incredibly easy to overcommit on the kill, and then get baited by her CC and diving suicidally. So many times bottom lane, I'll be in a bad situation but they'll overcommit, walk into flame chompers, eat a Zap, and take free autoattacks from me. 

In general, I believe that she has a good amount of CC for an escapeless ADC, and her damage is good and solid. Some complaints, such as missiles being able to AoE crit don't even matter because the enemy team shouldn't bunch up for that to be a factor. The two complaints that I have is that first, the 70% slow on her level 5 W is too high. Being hit by it means that you are forced into a fight that you will be at a huge disadvantage for, you just have to hope it won't be followed up. In addition, Flamechompers should have a cast time.

When so many other champions have to stop movement to cast certain spells, Jinx gets a huge advantage that she can just throw CC behind her and just keep running. If the same were true for Caitlyn, it would receive balance complaints. So while I do think Jinx needs nerfs, she's honestly just such a solid champion it would be a shame if Riot did anything to destroy her right now. 



I just run standard ADC runes, the same I run on all other ADCs:
- 9 Flat AD reds
- 9 Flat armor yellows
- 5 Flat MR, 4 flat Mana Regen blues
- 2 Lifesteal, 1 AD quintessence.



I just run standard 21/9/0 masteries, taking points into the AD side of the Offense tree and 2 points into butcher for easier last hits. 4% CDR is negligible so don't bother, and putting points into Lethality and Frenzy over Havoc because the extra attack speed with a critical hit is incredibly useful, and 3% damage is honestly not that much for non-burst champions.




Always   Situational


Flash: You aren't Genja, you need flash, especially for Jinx who has no escapes. Just such an incredibly useful summoner spell. 

Barrier: The best ADC is an alive ADC. Helps with dueling and gives you increased life, during which you can hopefully lifesteal.
Useful against a heavy CC comp.
Only take this if you're certain taking it will win you lane. Otherwise, it isn't worth it for the late game survivability that Cleanse or Barrier will give.





Lvl 1: Q Lvl 2: W Lvl 3: W Lvl 4: E

Max W for the increase in slow and damage, it's just such a good ability right now. Take Q at level 1 for early poking with Fishbones and leave it there. E at level 3 or 4 because it can potentially stop a jungle gank or enemy lane aggression. Also a good zoning tool. However, leave it there because it's only used for the utility. Max ult as soon as can because it gives great damage, either using it from afar to help your team, or even close range it does enough damage to justify using it. 



Core Build:


Item Order:


To start: Dorans Blade gives good early laning stats. The 5 health per hit along with your two lifesteal quints should be enough sustainability throughout early laning phase.




First back: If you can, buy a BF sword. If you can't, buy an extra dorans and a vamp scepter, or just a vamp scepter. Buy boots if you see that you have enough gold, but they aren't a necessity early in the game. If you feel the jungler is going to camp you, get boots.




Early Game: Blood Thirster lets Jinx snowball successfully. After this, Stattik Shiv because of the extra dueling potential, I get this on almost every ADC because of that reason. Upgrade to boots 2 when you have the gold, but it isn't really a necessity at any point unless you begin teamfighting.




Mid/Late: After your two core items, Last Whisper is the most solid pickup because of how much Armor Penetration it gives. If the enemy team has a tanky toplaner that is doing very well, then don't be afraid to build this after BT or Zeal. Then, your last purely offensive item should be an Infinity Edge, as no Markman is complete without it. To round off the build, buy a defensive item, usually Guardian Angel or Banshee's Veil, occassionally Mercucial Scimitar. Seeing as Jinx doesn't have any natural escapes in her kit and the unreliability of her passive, its not worth it to risk a 6th offensive item. 


Closing thoughts:

I think Jinx is just an all around solid champion, and really only needs slight nerfs for her to be balanced. She's a lot of fun, and I really hope to see more of her in the future.