Championship Thresh giveaway

Championship Thresh giveaway


The moment you have all been waiting for, the Team Dignitas Championship Thresh giveaway! We are going to play a quiz and each answer will help you decode a youtube video ID where the code has been hidden. If you answer all questions correctly you will be able to find the Youtube video where the code has been hidden. Big thanks to @NebeOfficial for giving us the code, be sure to follow him for more keys later.

Example Quiz:

1. (Lowercase) The first letter of Team Dignitas' Content Manager.
Answer: Sui

2. (Number) The last number of the current year.
Answer: 2013

3. (Lowercase) The first letter of the game featuring Thresh.
Answer: League of Legends

4. (Uppercase) The second letter of the Champion you can win here.
Answer: Thresh

Result: go to this is an EXAMPLE, this link will not work and also does not contain the code. If you apply the same method to the REAL quiz then you will find Championship Thresh!


The REAL Quiz:

1. (lowercase) First letter of our 2005 FIFA Interactive World Cup champion.
2. (lowercase) First letter of the game Team Dignitas originated from.
3. (lowercase) Second letter of our League of Legends captain's nickname.
4. (uppercase) First letter of our former Hungarian Quake player's nickname.
5. (uppercase) Last letter of our Smite solo laner's nickname.
6. (uppercase) First letter of our UK WCG Command & Conquer champion.
7. (lowercase) Last letter of our head sponsor (hint: they build CPUs).
8. (lowercase) First letter of our former Call of Duty 2 team captain.
9. (number) Last number in the year we got our first big sponsor, Abit.
10. (uppercase) Last letter of our Smite captain's nickname.
11. (uppercase) Last letter in the nickname of the Managing Director of Team Dignitas.

Find the answers, complete the code and find the youtube video!

When you find the video ID, please do not share it with others or spam it on our social media. Let others try and find the answers themself! Thanks :)

Good luck!